Thursday, January 21, 2010

So People Have Something to Do While Drinking Coffee...

Yes, that comment made me break through the busy week and post.  Granted I was reading Blogs when I should have been showering because well, it was lunch time and I did speed work at the gym this morning and still hadn't showered and I sweat so much that my hair was crusty.  So I showered, and went to the dentist, and did some more work, and then I blogged.  Can't disappoint my fan base. HAHA!

I've been super busy - to the point that I think my learning to say no is on the brink of becoming a reality.  But, some funny things have happened along the way. 

Sunday's 6 mile run.
Yep, it was 6 miles not 8 miles.  Coach showed up Sunday and said, not sure why you thought you'd be running 8 miles, it's 6 - I read your blog.  It was probably a good thing too because my allergies were going full berserkergong (Coach: "Dude, what's up with your breathing? Have you been taking your allergy medicine?") and she made me walk some to get it back down to normal before running more.  Perhaps my favorite thing she said to me is "I do not want to have to call Mr. Darcy and tell him I had to give you CPR.  Your face is red, your HR monitor is beeping because your heart rate is up, and your breathing is wacked. You're walking a bit."  Of course, when I run my face always gets red (I'm pale and Polish) and my HR monitor always says my HR is up.  But the 6 got done.

Monday's Shopping.
I need clothes. Badly.  Pulling a "What Not to Wear" on Yourself with a limited budget is not easy.  I went to the outlets thinking I'd get better deals, and went into Dress Barn.  I've never been in Dress Barn before Monday.  I think it's the name of the store - anything with Barn in it really shouldn't be a place you shop.  But, I must say I got some super cute clothes for a really good price and it was literally the best shopping experience of my life.  The ladies who work there were AWESOME.  I told them why I was there and that I needed clothes because I have been trying to get my body into clothes that I wore pre-twins and I look bad.  I may have tried on half the store and walked out with only about 12 things, but it was worth it.  I still need more clothes but what I got looks good on me.  There was an older gentleman in the store with his wife and he was the best ego booster.  He told me that he hoped he wasn't over stepping the bounds, but he wanted me to know that I looked good because he over heard me talking and he used to be a tailor and that the problem wasn't me.  The problem, he said, was that I have an hour glass figure and that the style right now is to be built like a boy, which I am not.  I told him he was my new best friend and he smiled (and so did his wife.)

It might as well been a Monday.  I got a late start (due to running 7 miles that morning) and ended up getting to the location of my CLE right on time (thanks in part to a lovely tractor going about 10 mph on my way to the highway).  The problem?  The Florida Bar put the wrong location on the card you have to bring to the class. SOOO... I ended up hoofing it over 1/4 of a mile (in high heels) to the Convention Center only to wander around the convention center for another 10 minutes until finally finding the location by luck (there was only one sign for the entire course location).  20 minutes late and I'm sitting there listening to the guys drone on about C corporation and S corporation taxation and referencing pages in a coursebook.  I have no course book, so I go outside and ask the women from the Bar about the book.  "Oh, that book.  We don't have it yet and will get it to you by mid February."  They were taping the class for replay and those classes would have the book.  Then the lunch options.  I ran 7 miles and had a smoothie for breakfast.  I was hungry.  My options?  A $5.25 hotdog or a premade sandwich that was also $5.  I opted for the sandwich, which sadly turned out to be mostly bread - to the point I ended up eating it as an open faced sandwich.  But that bottle of water was delicious!

There was only one other woman in the class.  She said that there is a true lack of women at anything tax related.  We had lunch together and chatted.  Very nice lady.  After class, heading back to the hotel where my car was parked, a nice man from the class started talking.  Next thing I know he's telling me how he's divorced but still friends with his ex-wife and that they're better friends not being married.  Then he asks me if I'm married.  I of course say yes, and then wonder if this is what this guy does - try to "pick up chicks" at the CLEs.  If he hadn't been old enough to be my father, I think Mr. Darcy might have been a little jealous but of course I was honest and didn't leave it out of the story.  Then I chatted it up with the valet while the other valet went to get my car.  Former drill sargeant and I started talking about running and mini-vans and how he used to drive a mini-van when in the army and he would get teased.  I told him, you were the drill sargeant - you should have made them run until they puked!  He told me that he liked that and his wife would get a kick out of it too - turns out she was a former drill sargeant herself.  I still have my random chatting with strangers skills, it would seem.

The Track Shack meeting was fine.  Except for the fact that I discovered they had some affordable compression sleeves, and I even went as far to have them measure my calves.  I love the woman who owns Track Shack, she said to me "I'll measure you, but I can guarantee you that you need the smaller size - I can tell just looking at you."  Ahhh.  And yes, my 14" calves put me into the smaller size.  But what did I do?  I grabbed the larger size on accident.  Good thing I have to go and pick up my race packet for Saturday... I'll do the exchange then. 

Wednesday's Junior League Meeting.
A group of lovely ladies and it will be fun to work on the project of putting together a life skills class for girls 10-12 in age who are very impoverished and work with a social worker to have them in an after school program to get them off the streets.  I think the class will be good for them and our interaction will be good for all involved, even if on some days just to remind us how blessed we are in this life.  You know it's a bad area of town when one of the League Members who is also a police officer will be there with us at the same time - in uniform.  The funny part was how old I am compared to some of these women and it came out with the ice breaker - you stated your name and told the story of your worst vacation.  Mine was about the Christmas that my parents' septic tank broke and poor Mr. Darcy helped my Dad try to fix it admist the stench of sewage.... we call it Brown Christmas.  Everyone had a good laugh. Another girl (and I do call her a girl - she's MAYBE 22), said her worst vacation was when she was 16 and went in a winebago with her Mom and Dad for 10 days to a variety of National Parks where there was no cellphone service and no internet and all she could do was look at trees.  I looked at another woman at the meeting who is right around my age and gave her a look like "we are stinkin' old."  When I was 16, only doctors carried cellphones and they were huge and weighed about 15 pounds.  And the internet wasn't something that the public was using because we hadn't heard of it yet.

The Girls.
They have been interesting.  Turns out that at school, Angelfish hangs out with 2 very nice little boys and orders them around... and they do what she says.  Ladybug on the other hand gets one of her teachers to do her hair up just the way they like it.  Angelfish told me I was the bestest Mommy ever, and then Ladybug told me I was not nice and then Angelfish told Ladybug that if she was a good listener she'd realize Mommy was nice. Of course, if Mr. Darcy is around, I am chopped liver this week - probably because I've been gone so much in the evenings this week.... oh and tonight I have another function I am going to.

I started the day realizing that neither Mr. Darcy nor I set the alarm clock and you guessed it - we overslept.  I threw on my running gear and went to look for the speed work plan.  Then helped get the girls ready.  Ladybug had a major meltdown because she was stalling, I had enough of it and called her bluff and put her in clothes that I chose and carried her out to the car.  Thank Goodness speedwork is not a super long workout because I only got out of the house at 7:45 am.

The speedwork was good - except that I think I'm getting shin splints.  I'm prone to them and I kind of ramped up my distance a little fast.  But that's what you  have to do sometimes.  So ice, advil and rolling the tennis ball with my feet and tracing the alphabet with my toes is back on the menu.  The pain started by the end of the 2nd set, and by the 3rd set my leg hurt badly.  So, I walked 1 extra minute - off the treadmill.  Then back on for the last 3 minute interval.  I had hoped to do a 10:30, 10:10, 9:50, and 9:30 pace for each, but with the pain, I did a 10:30, 10:10, 10:00 and 9:50 (3 minutes each with a 2 minute walk in between).  Eating breakfast before going - even if it was just a gel and a big glass of water (because I woke up so late) - made it infinitely easier than last week.  Amazing how that is.

The dentist was good too.  Although I had to laugh because the technician said "are you having any hormonal issues right now?"  I told her my endometriosis was giving me issues lately and she said that explains it.  So I had to ask.  Explains what?  The technician told me that the tissues of the mouth are like those of the uterus and if your pregnant or your having hormonal issues that your gums will bleed like mad even when the gums are where they should be and there isn't a lot of plaque and the tissues were the right color - like mine were.  Dang endometriosis!  My x-rays showed no cavities, my bite is good, my teeth were pretty clean and my gums where they needed to be, and other than bleeding like a crazy thing all was well.  I guess if you have to use your lunch break for a visit to the dentist the best part is hearing that your teeth are beautiful and it may only cost you the price of the flouride rinse if your insurance doesn't cover it. : )

Tonight is the UF Law Alumni Reception here in Orlando.  I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm going.  I'll get to see my good friend Shopping Girl for a couple of minutes until she needs to go rustle up the deep pockets for contributions, and I'm going with my friend Jen who is wonderful.  I wonder if I'll see any old law school classmates.  It should be a small adventure - and one that I'm hoping will put me home before the girls' bed time if possible.

Friday things should slow down.  I hope.

So was that a 1 cupper or 2?

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  1. I was just kidding with you. But this made my morning break, 1 cup but I finished just after the girls and kept reading.