Friday, January 15, 2010

Just When I Thought I Couldn't Put Anymore on the Calendar...

I got an email about a race.  A small race.  A 5.2K race... next Saturday.  I would have to run anyway.  And besides, it was $20 and I had a $2 coupon.  And it benefits a good cause.  And you get a $10 gift card to the restaurant Seasons 52 (the sponsor - which is why it's a 5.2 K).  It sounds like fun... and it's early in the morning.

And my efforts to just say no - this time, to myself, didn't seem to work today.

Nor did they work with the call I got asking me to talk to 2 people about somewhat related and somewhat different things for the sorority.  Neither call would be fun.  I had to leave messages, so now I have to wonder when will they call me back? At least one already would know that the conversation will not be positive - just the fact that I was calling would mean that it was something she didn't want to hear.  And the other could probably guess.  I'll give them the weekend to call me back and then try again on Monday.

But Mr. Darcy convinced me that Pizza was a good idea.  Some days I can resist and some days I can't.  But I didn't really want to say no to Pizza anyway.


  1. I love some pizza and I couldn't resist the other nite either. WHY oh WHY does all that cheesy goodness have to be so dang good? I want to kick myself afterward but so tasty at the time.

  2. Enough with the cheesy goodness, ladies. I'm trying to eat beans and quinoa over here! LOL!

    Super excited about your 5.2K (I like that .2; just a little extra pain, if you please). Good luck... hit it hard!!!

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  4. I LOVE PIZZA!!! Sigh, my weakness.

    $20 for a race and gift card is worth it.