Friday, May 15, 2009

A Tired OOPS!

I am back from Atlanta. The seminar went well and the trip, was quick, as usual. It was wonderful to see my colleagues from my old office and spend time chatting and catching up with them, including my paralegal who is really just a very nice guy. But I was ridiculously tired when I got back. There it was only 6 pm and I was having a tough time staying awake while watching an episode of "The Little Einsteins" with the girls. Mr. Darcy had to cook dinner because I couldn't even pull myself off the couch. Ladybug told me that she didn't want me to close my eyes because it was still daytime and she wanted to be with me. So I forced myself to stay awake because with that kind of request, who wouldn't? But the second the girls were in bed, I was too. Sound asleep and I woke up kind of tired still.

In fact, I was so tired that despite dragging out the bike and setting up the trainer to make up for not riding yesterday, I forgot that I had to have blood work done today and that it was fasting blood work and had some breakfast before the 1.5 hours I spent on the trainer, pedalling away to 2 episodes of "What Not To Wear." I remembered when I found the paperwork for my bloodwork for this afternoon's appointment. While I was annoyed with myself because I had to reschedule again (I had a conference call at 11 am that made me bump back the original bloodwork appointment to 3 pm today), I secretly was glad because having to fast until 3 pm today would not have been fun.

As for the ride, I like the aerobars. It was much less taxing on my upper body and my hands did not go numb at any point in the ride like they were doing before. It lets me pedal with a slightly higher cadence too, which I liked. But, I found that it was a bit more difficult overall - breathing wise mainly and the fact that my legs kind of scrape the back of my arms... which may mean we just need to adjust the aero bar fit a little bit. My sensitive parts were even less abused than usual, although still painful after the ride. They may be able to adjust my seat a bit too. So, all and all a pretty good ride, although I find that I can ride faster on the road (and it is more enjoyable) than I can on the trainer and that I can ride in a higher gear. Perhaps I have my trainer a little tight... or maybe I need to work on my leg strength, but I definitely can ride faster on the road.

As for the tiredness, I am (in a wierd sort of way) sort of hoping that I have a thyroid issue (especially since it's enlarged and hypothyroidism runs in the family). That way the medicine will help regulate the issue and I will hopefully not be so tired. Of course, being a mommy to twins, working full time, and training for triathlons may have something to do with being tired too. Plus, maybe it would help in the ability to lose weight department despite my husband's claims that hypothryroidism doesn't affect your ability to lose weight. Everyone I know who has hypothroidism had a hard time losing weight and gained weight until their hypothroidism was brought under control with medicine. But he read something on the Mayo Clinic website about it and about weight loss and now he's the expert.

Anyway. I will keep on chugging along. The ride was good but would have been better if I wasn't so stinkin' tired. Hopefully I'll get some more sleep soon. Tomorrow is a 45 minute easy run at 50% effort. I'll probably have to get up early so as to do it before the girls get up. No rest for the wicked, as they say.

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