Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I'm having lunch Friday with Coach to discuss my goals for the IronMan 70.3... and in all seriousness I am simply wondering if there should be more of a goal than finishing the race within the 9 hours set as the cut off. I mean there's the goals of wanting to become even healthier and the desire to drop 10 pounds and hopefully tone up even more, but really for a newbie triathlete like me who is having fun ... do I need more than finishing within the cut off?

Please, share your thoughts...


  1. Ha I’m glad to see someone else struggle with this. My goal is always to just finish the race, enjoy it, and have fun. Crossing the finish line is sometimes a feet in itself. But at the same time I want to set a goal for myself, either by time or pace. The only thing is I will never be a front runner up in my age category. I know I will never place in the top 3, so is there a point to pushing your self so hard that you don’t enjoy it? I always want to get better and to improve myself. But sometimes I just feel better, recover faster, or race better, but have a slower time…and I’m ok with that! Huh….so I guess I don’t really have any advice, just letting you know I have wondered the same thing many times!

  2. Kate; I think getting healthier and finishing by the cut off are great goals. Dont' be such a task master for yourself. There are enough people ready to light flaming hoops for you to jump through. Run, swim and bike like the wind, but do it for the thrill of it all. Life's too short to be beating yourself up. I know Angela would be very proud of you and I think she would offer the same advice. We are all proud of you for finishing and with great times.