Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Returning to the Gym and Thyroids

First, a word about yesterday's post. I have decided to delete it (as you can see). While it worked as some cathartic therapy (and I truly appreciate all the emails and words of encouragement), I decided that it was too much to lay bare for the world to see in a permanent fashion. Not only was it full of my humiliation and degredation at the hands of another, but by leaving it I felt that it would serve in some way to do the same to the person who wronged me and I would rather rise above. So it is gone, albeit not forgotten.

One somewhat positive thing about it is I decided to make an appointment with the endocrinologist to see if I have anything else wrong with me. They had a cancellation so I went in today and found out my thyroid is enlarged and has some nodules on it. She asked me if I was tired, etc. and I said yes but I couldn't be sure if it was because I was physically tired or if it was because I have twins who are around 3, work full time and train for triathlons. So I have bloodwork scheduled Friday and an ultrasound on my throat for Monday morning. My mother has Hashimoto thyroidism and turns out that my Grandmother and Great-grandmother also had hypothroidism. I am not resigning myself to it, but if I do have it the good news is that the medicine (once regulated) should allow me to lose weight a little easier and I should have more energy.

Today I went to the gym for a 30 minute run and then weights. I was amazed at how strong I was. Before the tri training, I was working with a personal trainer and for my legs I would press 70 pounds. Today 90 was easy! Everything was a little easier than before the tri stuff. I love being stronger and hope the weight training will add even more oomph to my run, bike and swim! Of course, I'm used to free weights but the gym was having work done so I had to use the circuit machines and wasn't sure which ones were what so I wandered a bit. Looking like a newbie. : )

I also had aerobars put on Ruby today. Yep, finally named my bike. Not exceptionally original given her name is Roubaix Pro, but it just clicked in my head. It is definitely a different position than I am used to, but it's supposed to shave at least 1-2 mph off of my time, which doesn't sound like much unless you're talking about a nice long 56 mile ride. And trust me, I need all the help I can get. The bike looks even more sexy than before, I must say. I almost didn't recognize it as mine. So, I'm actually looking forward to my 1.5 hour ride on the trainer this coming Thursday evening.

So, it was a full day and I'm tired and still need to finish packing for my work trip to Atlanta tomorrow. Up and then back on Thursday evening. Thus, there may be a small hiatus in my posts, but I shall return.

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  1. I like the name Ruby! I think it's pretty. Mine's Sky....yeah after the Voldka! LMAO!