Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Little Too Much Excitement

Last night we had a little too much excitement around the house. I had gotten home from my evening swim (a 1500 m ladder in about 45 minutes, I was pleased and tired), was greeted by extra happy girls with hugs and kisses (which always puts a smile on your face), ate some food because I was starving, and the girls began to play "cowgirl" with a rope they found while we tried to convince them to chat with their Grammie and Papa over the internet video cam. All seemed to be shaping up for a delightful evening. Then as Mr. Darcy was winding up his video call the girls' started barreling through the living room at top speeds. Just as I was telling them to slow down, Angelfish tripped and fell. As she fell, she hit her head and then her arm on the corner of a little dividing wall that we have between the living room and the breakfast nook.

She was screaming and holding her arm, and I thought it might be broken. But I got to her, scooped her up and discovered her arm was ok. Angelfish had full range of motion, it was scraped up, and all seemed ok just a painful ouchie. Then all of a sudden I had blood on my hands and I had no idea where it was coming from. I freaked out. I am generally good in an emergency, but when I couldn't see where the blood was coming from, I was useless and screamed for Mr. Darcy to come back. I had yelled for him when I heard her hit the wall and she started screaming immediately (the view was impeded by the sofa so I wasn't sure what hit the wall at first). He said that it came from her ear because there was a scratch there. I told him that couldn't be it because I had too much blood on my hands. So I took a deep breath and calmed myself and asked Angelfish "did you hit your ear on the wall?" "No." "did you hit your head?" "Yes, mommy. It hurts." "Where, honey?" "Here." And that's when I saw it - an inch from where she put her hand, there was a cut. I moved the hair away and found her scalp had split open.

I told Angelfish and Mr. Darcy that we needed to go to the Emergency Clinic to see a doctor. Mr. Darcy looked at it and agreed that it was an open cut that probably would need stitches. Angelfish matter of factly said, "I need to go to the doctor. The doctor will give me stickers." Ladybug was very sweet to her sister, very concerned and wanting to help in making her feel better. Once we determined that she needed to go to the doctor, Ladybug walked up to Angelfish, put her hand on her back sweetly and asked "Are you ok, Angelfish?" Angelfish replied, "Yes, but I need to go to the doctor." Ladybug then said so sweetly and sincerely, "I love you so very, very much." It was the sweetest thing, especially because Ladybug is not one to say I love you but on a rare occasion.

So, we packed everyone up into the minivan and headed to the Emergency Clinic where we waited 1 1/2 hours to be called back into the back room, and then another 20 minutes for the doctor to appear. The doctor told us that she had to put staples in because with stitches (liquid or otherwise) the wound would reopen and not be able to heal. The wound was deep. I could see the fatty tissue under the skin. Then she was off to get a nurse to assist. Our Angelfish is one tough girl. I told her that the doctor was going to need to help her head and that it was going to hurt a little but it would be ok. When the doctor came back, Mr. Darcy and Ladybug left the room (because we didn't want Ladybug to see what was going to happen). Angelfish laid right down on the table on her side, held my hands, and she and I sang "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" twice. She winced when the doctor put in the 2 staples, but never cried. When she was allowed to sit up, she clinged to me but was a brave, brave girl. And once the nurse brought her stickers, she was back to her usual happy self and headed off to the car with a joyful trot. I think it may have been harder on me than it was on her. It's hard to let someone do something to your child that you know is going to hurt them, even if it is to help in the end.

We got home around 11:30 pm last night. Poor Mr. Darcy hadn't had dinner before we left so he ate when we got home and after we put the girls in bed (they had fallen asleep in the car). I went to bed immediately too. I was exhausted!

Today, Ms. Angelfish is at home with me and I will be taking the afternoon off from work. For some reason, she's able to play and let me work in the mornings but not as much in the afternoons. Besides, it's a chance for a little one on one time that we rarely get.

I am hoping the rain will subside at some point too as I have a 5 mile run that I need to get in and I'd rather avoid doing it on a treadmill if I can. I get so bored on treadmills. The open road is so much better for a run. If the rain subsides, Mr. Darcy plans to run with me (although he has expressed concern that he might not make all 5 miles) - which means the girls will be riding in their blue car (aka biking/running stroller type contraption). So let's keep our fingers crossed!

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