Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lucky's Lake - Swim Two

Today was my second Lucky's Lake swim. I have to say, I actually like swimming in this lake. Not as much as a pool mind you, but I like it. The water level was up and the temperature was 83 degrees. Warm! The 1st traverse across the lake (500 m) I took it nice and easy focusing on stroke and sighting... sighting is not super easy in this lake because there are no buoys only the other side of the lake... and made it across in pretty close to a straight line. The 2nd length back I focused on swimming fast and trying to be fast while sighting too. Not as much of a straight line because the current was heading the wrong way, but not bad either. No major corrections, and a nice view of the sun rising higher in the sky as I breathed to the left. I was happy to say that on the 2nd length I finished a good bit faster than the 2 people I started that length with and almost caught up to 2 guys who started a few minutes before us. A nice way to start the morning and to get my 1k swim in.

The only sad part was I didn't get to see my girls in action before I leave today. They were still sleeping when I left, but I looked in on them and gave their sleeping faces kisses. Angelfish all stretched out on her belly and Ladybug who evidently decided to sleep in the chair instead of her big girl bed - probably trying to stay up and fell asleep - all snuggly in the chair.

And I am working on forgiving, forgetting and moving forward. It is just going to take some time to get over the hurt and the anger. A different type of endurance, I suppose.

Now to get myself to Atlanta...

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