Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Lovely Weekend - Full of Pee and Fun for All

It really was a lovely weekend. Unfortunately, Ladybug is still a member of the potty resistance but luckily (and knock on wood) she has been unable to recruit Angelfish to join. She did much better at school on Friday (not sure that I told you all about her purposefully peeing and pooping in her pants at school a total of 5 times. How, you ask, do I know it was on purpose? She announced it to the playyard before doing the deed and when in doors would laugh at her teachers as she did it. As the head of school said, "this is the trouble with having a highly intelligent child. The other children just aren't smart enough to think this up." ), but then returned to the less then attentive potty habits by Monday. So it was a weekend full of pee, even if overall the weekend was fun.

Friday, we painted our foyer. It was a color called spun gold. When it dried, it looked like a school bus. So we headed off for paint samples and settled on a nice terra cotta orange color called La Fonda Sombrero. Purchased the paint and hit the furniture stores, with only the intention of purchasing either a foyer table or a sofa table. We ended up buying a chest for the foot of our bed, a foyer table, and a sofa table. All very lovely, all on sale due to Memorial Day, and all just what we've been looking for (the chest for 2 years mind you). Played with the girls a bit after we picked them up from daycare, and then painted.

Saturday morning I woke up to head to the gym for a 30 mile bike and a 30 minute run. The gym that I though opened at 6 am. Took one look at the kitchen and decided that sage green would be a lovely color and that whomever lived in this house with the bright orange kitchen was not related although it was a nice color. Got to the gym by 6:22 am. By 6:30 am, it was evident that I was the only car in the parking lot and the gym must not open until 7 am. So I ran the parking lot to make good use of my time. 30 minutes later, super sweaty, the gym opened and 32.4 miles on the trainer later I had a nice shower and headed to the emergency care to meet the fam so Angelfish could have her staples removed. Took all of 30 seconds to remove, Angelfish's only complaint was that the nurse (who was not the one she's used to seeing at the emergency care center) gave her only 1 sticker this time and that Ladybug got one too. We did some errands and played with the wee ones.

Sunday our friends Mike, Elaine & Josie came for a day visit. It was fun for the little ones to play and the grown ups to chat. I also went for a 6 mile run in the morning before the company arrived. Bill started to run with me, but the girls were fighting over territory in their blue car within 2 minutes, so he ran after I finished. All I have to say is, it was rather hot. To the point that I ran without my shirt on. Full coverage black sports bra in place, no need to call the police. I am not one to run without a shirt, so lets just say that when I passed the church I thought that I may have been indecent but it was better than passing out.

Monday I did about 6 loads of laundry (all of which are waiting to be folded and put away this evening), we did a few more errands and then wandered around Sea World for the afternoon until it started to rain. And I was rather naughty and skipped the 4 mile run and 1 mile swim I was supposed to do. It was a holiday and I wanted to be holidayish with the fam. Of course, Ladybug added to my laundry with her potty resistance, but I can hope for a day free from pee pee pants.

This morning it was back to work. A 4 mile run to start things off, which really is getting to be just an easy sort of run now. I have to say I'm most impressed at this fact. Then work, and now off to get the kiddies from daycare and attend Mr. Darcy's volleyball game downtown - if it's not rained out by the time we get there. The weather is looking a bit ominous, yet again. 7 straight days of rain turned into a gorgeous Monday until it's time for work to end. A cruel trick, but much needed rain.

Tomorrow is a swim... yay!

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