Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Wednesday Morning Mind Dump

This morning I woke up and I didn't feel like training.  My brain didn't want to go, my body didn't want to go, but I didn't care.  I put on my running gear and told myself I was going to go 4 miles.  I told my brain that I would even walk most of it if I felt too tired, but that no matter what I was going 4 miles.

Then I got the little ladies out of bed.  They had slept in the same bed, but they don't like sleeping with someone touching them so Angelfish (it was her bed) had her head on the pillow and Ladybug was sleeping with her head at the opposite end of the bed where she had pulled up the comforter for air.  I'm guessing they had a little slumber party because it was hard getting them out of bed this morning.  Last night Ladybug was trying to convince me that we should go to Disney in "either July or August, or even June."  I kept it together and told her that we'd have to talk about it with Daddy.  I told her that it was already the middle of June and next week we'd be at the beach, but that we'd talk to Daddy about going in July or August. Tee hee.  She is going to be sooo excited when we wake her up that Sunday morning and tell them we're going to Disney!

They got dressed nicely, ate nicely and I headed out for a run because they were running rather late.  Yes, the 4 miler.  You know your brain is giving you a hard time about things when you're having to tell yourself things like "the faster you run, the faster the 4 miles will go" and "you can run for 5 minutes, what's 5 minutes - nothing!"  And it starts pretty much the moment you started the run.  It was nice not to think much of  anything while I was running though.  I enjoy just being outside with the sound of my breathing and my feet hitting the pavement.  But it's hot out!  When I left at 7:30 am, it was 84 degrees with a heat index of 94.  Not to mention muggy, which makes it a little harder for me to breathe.  Summer is definitely upon us!

Despite having to coax myself along, I did my 5/1s and ended up at the 3.2 mile mark in 35:00, a 10:56 minute mile pace.  One of my fastest in a while.  It was plain crazy to me.  But I hit that mark and knew I needed to walk a bit... my legs felt good, my lungs felt good, I had a little bit of a cramp near my collarbone but I was able to breathe through it while running, BUT I could feel that I was so hot my face had to be beet red and I was starting to get goosebumps, which I know is a sign of starting to overheat. And my brain was telling me to walk, and I didn't have the gumption to tell it to be quiet.  So I walked for about 0.7 miles (and it wasn't an overly brisk pace) and then ran the last 0.1 mile home.  Even with the walking I did the 4 miles in 48:46, or a 12:12 mile pace.  So even though I was not feeling it today and got a bit overheated, it turned out to be a good run/walk. (Out of curiosity I took my temperature when I got home and it was 101.3... so my core got rather hot.)  But the heat is definitely ridiculous.  I'm thinking I'll get on the bike tomorrow morning as long as I don't have to take the kids to school (Mr. Darcy worked until 10:30 last night, so I don't expect him home tonight until 3:30 am or so since his deadline is tomorrow).  If I have to take the kids to school, then I'm definitely riding on Friday.  I'd like to get in a nice 25 mile ride.  And I'm going to be sure to do better about drinking water all day today.  I didn't drink nearly as much as I should have yesterday.

I wasn't thrilled with what my brain did on the run, although it may have been talking to me about the heat some.  And when I got home I opened up my email to find my horoscope for the day which said, "Duties that normally excite you and stimulate your curiosity could exhaust you, leaving you wondering if you have chosen an unwise life path. However, you may simply be feeling stress from recent challenges or long periods of exertion. This can be a positive time to seek out a quiet sanctuary where you can temporarily escape the pressures of the modern world and concentrate solely on cleansing your inner landscape."  I couldn't help but wonder if they were talking about my runnning/triathlon training because that's what norally excites me and stimulates my curiosity, but definitely has exhausted me today.  So I'm going to try for some quiet time at some point today  - perhaps a nice 1/2 yoga session before I run off to get the girls from daycare at the end of the work day.

Last night I ended up having to take the girls with me to buy the last of their presents.  They really like the birthday cards I got them (they practically helped pick them out). And despite their seeing me buy things from the store, they really didn't ask any questions.  We also sent my Dad's fathers day presents, so that was good.  They entertained me and each other on the way home with "jokes" but they don't quite get the idea of how jokes really work yet.  One would ask a question like you do to start out a joke, and the other would make up answers until the 1st one said yes or gave them the answer.  They aren't always funny in themselves, but the thought processes was what made me laugh.  Here are a few examples that of their jokes last night:

Angelfish: Why did the chicken cross the road?
Ladybug: To play on the playground!
Angelfish: No.
Ladybug: To go swimming!
Angelfish: No.
Ladybug: To go on a walk!
Angelfish: YES!

Ladybug: Why were the other numbers afraid of 10?
Angelfish: Because it was big and scary?
Ladybug: No.
Angelfish: Because it was not nice?
Ladybug: No.
Angelfish: Because it was night time?
Ladybug: No.  Because it was a monster number!

Angelfish: Why did Donald Duck cross the road?
Ladybug: To see Daisy?
Angelfish: No.
Ladybug: to go to school?
Angelfish. No. To eat chicken nuggets for Amanda and Megan's Birthday! (I laughed at this because I figured it was a hint...)

Then we got home and had breakfast for dinner.  Eggs, fruit, and toast for the girls too. Yummy!  The girls even cleaned their bedroom for me.  Of course, it sort of consisted of throwing toys into the play room that were in their room, but they know tonight we'll be cleaning the play room too.  Once the little ladies were in bed, I wrapped the last of the presents, finished up the laundry and played on Facebook.

I sometimes think getting ready for these condo type of vacations where you have to bring so much with you is more hassle than it's worth, but I'm sure we'll have a great time when we're there.  My To Do List was over 35 items at one point, and now it's down to about 24.  So I'm making progress.  I plan on more progress this evening after the girls' gymnastics.  I got in the new triathlon magazine for the month, so I'll be reading that during their class.  Last week it was Running magazine.  This week it's Triathlon and I'll bring National Geographic just in case I read faster than I anticipate.  Of course, I usually read slowly at gymnastics because I love watching the girls do their routines!

I did discover something today though that I'm worried about with Angelfish and will have to talk to the pediatrician about at her annual appointment in a few weeks... other than the speech issue (where she's running everything together and you can understand her when she's trying to talk quickly and also her failure to use the letter s at the beginning of words most of the time)... she cannot jump up and down on one leg.  She can jump up and down on both legs, but not on one.  By the age of 4, the academy of pediatrics says that they should be able to do this for 5 seconds.  She can jump on one leg once, but not more than once - she can't string them together.  Hopefully I am worrying for nothing on both accounts.

Anyway, now that I've dumped out my brain for the morning, it's off for more work!


  1. How can one not laugh at those jokes

    Its amazing, when we dont want to do something, then go do it, it turns out to be a great experience.

  2. I could eat breakfast for dinner every night. :o)

  3. So glad you had a good run - and have a wonderful vacation!

  4. Great jokes. My girls still do "sleepovers" in each others room from time to time.

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