Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Thursday to Amaze Many A Thursday

Today has been a crazy one.. thus the late post.  We slept in a little bit by accident this morning.  Never a good start.  While I could have gotten up and left to go to the pool, I didn't even realize what time it was as I was doing Day 2 of Week 5 of the Pushup Challenge and Day 2 of Week 4 of the situp challenge all while 1) trying to convince Angelfish that she and Foxie would be less likely to be hurt if they didn't lay under me while I did my pushups (although it was funny that she put herself in plank position and put Foxie - a stuffed blue fox - under her like she was under me); 2) giving Angelfish breakfast; 3) talking to Ladybug about the fact that she should not order her father around or lecture him, even if he did forget that he had taken Bunny into the play room and said he hadn't touched it; 4) trying to convince Ladybug that it was time for her to get dressed, and we meant now.  Talking while doing pushups is difficult.  The last 2 sets of crunches I had to do with Bunny resting on my belly while Ladybug did her own version of sit ups - lifting her butt up and saying her arms were getting tired (but I didn't complain because it was cute AND she was fully dressed).

Then we piled the children in Mr. Darcy's vehicle and off they went.  I walked into the living room and saw there was no way I could get my swim in... it would put me there in time to swim for about 10 minutes before needing to turn around and go home.  SOOO... today was yoga day.  A full hour of yoga.  Leg and spine flexibility and strength and confidence poses.  It was better than wasting the hour in the car, and while not as strenuous as my 2000m swim would have been, Warrior 3 is not a pose to be triffled with. Balance and strength.

Then it was work.  The second I started, I was off and running.  All the way up to lunch with Mr. Darcy... which we ate fast so we could also hit Party City for stuff for the girls' birthday... plates, cups, etc. for the family party and some fun things for their friends who are joining us for Disney.  We figured it was a big deal for them to be able to go with us, so we wanted something more than the usual party favors.  Mr. Darcy made sure that the stuff for the boys wasn't too girlie, and was smart enough to remind me that bubbles at Disney might not be the best idea.  Then I was off and running again to get home in time for a conference call - which turned out to have been moved again while I was at lunch.  And then boom, one after another about 10 or more emails all on the same topic came flooding into my in box.  My computer must have been saving them up instead of letting them come in one at a time for some reason, so I was late to the discussion.  Big research project on a law that is new and that it looks like from my cursory reviews of the various state attorney general's websites no one seems to either 1) know about it or 2) if they know about it, they're not letting anyone else know what they're doing.  That and 3 other things took up my afternoon.

Mr. Darcy was able to come home early during a torrential downpour but I pretty much have ignored him because I've been working, and then as my only socialization of the day (other than with him and two 4 year olds) I visited blog land and decided I'd just write a quick note. Oh and I ordered the autograph books for our Disney visit for the ladies.  Mr. Darcy convinced me that paying $4 additional for less pages but that would let us put pictures next to the autographs was really what we should do.  My miser that lives inside my brain is questioning this because I know I can use scrapbooking corners to stick photos on pages without a sleeve, and 100 pages is a lot more than 24 pages, but the books have been ordered and so it is done.

I also sent an email a moment ago to my sister-in-law for cake baking tips.  She is a cake maker and decorator extraordinaire.  She makes amazing cakes.  For my first attempt this is the bite I have taken...
I am really excited about making the girls' birthday cake, but at the same time I am a bit fearful of how it will turn out.  Luckily, Mr. Darcy has a masters in architecture so we should be able to figure out how to construct this... especially once the cake kit comes in.  I've asked my SIL for advice on what tools I need as well as whether it's true that you can use a snipped corner of a zip lock bag as easily as the real icing bag (or whatever it is called).  I can cook, but cakes... Heck, I can do a HIM so I can do this... right??

So as soon as the items we ordered for gifts come in, I am done with the birthday planning.  Just a few weeks and it will be Birthday implementing. 

And tomorrow I will be happy running - my 4 miler that is... unless I decide to swim instead.  You never know with me.  You just never know.


  1. I'm seriously impressed with your decision to make that cake. One look at it in the picture and I'm calling Publix. It would truly be a kitchen disaster for me to attempt such a feat. But then again, you have done a HIM and I haven't. Maybe I'll feel different after I do one. That b-day party is gonna be something that those lucky twins will never forget.

  2. I have tried in the past in fancy cake making, ask my family about the attempt to make an icecream cake.

  3. An ice cream cake? That involves temperature regulation... too much for me!