Friday, June 25, 2010

Triathlon Training Plan

This morning I could not sleep.  Probably caused by the lead brick sitting in my stomach caused by birthday cake.  Ugh.

So I decided I would take the opportunity to read the Triathlon Training Bible sections that I needed to put together my schedule for the next 11 weeks leading up to the Oly in Clermont.  I remember now why I don't like the Triathlete's Training Bible.  Chock full of awesome information, explanations as to why and how to do things a certain way... and completely unrealistic for someone who works full time and has small children to raise.  While I would LOVE to be able to do bricks several times a week, it does not fit in with my time constraints.  While I would love to train 7 days a week for 3 week blocks, this too does not fit within my time constraints.  Nor would it bode well for my marriage or my children.  Yes, I get that this may be one of the explanations of why I am a back of the packer.  But as he emphasizes you need a plan that is realistic, challenging, and provides balance.

I want challenge.  I want realistic. And I want balance - not just among the 3 sports but in my life.  After flipping through the tome and realizing planning this way is not going to work with my life, I decided to look for the book mentioned in the Dangle a Carrot blog - Triathlete Magazine's Essential Week-by-Week Training Guide by Matt Fitzgerald.  I found it on Amazon, but it says it will take 1-3 MONTHS to ship.  Uh, no thanks.  I will try a book store in the near future to see if I am lucky there (even if it will cost more).  Or, if anyone out there would be interested in selling me a copy for about $15, I'd be happy to purchase it. : )

So for now, I'm going to hunt through some of my old workouts and cobble something together.  A little frustrating to spend 2 hours and not have a real plan... although as usual I learned something more from the Triathlete's Training Bible.  So perhaps it's not a complete loss.

In a bit I'll be hitting the beach and then the pool and then packing for the end of vacation.  It has been nice, and the girls had a great time at their birthday party and really racked up!  Lots of Dress Up stuff - Cinderella, Princess Aurora, Fairy Princess, and of course the super hero cape and mask from us (which was a big hit among all the kids at the party).  Some clothes and books, and toys.  They still have no clue about going to Disney, which is awesome.  Right now they're looking forward to having the day off on their actual birthday at home with Mommy!  Angelfish is ready to go home to our house.  She announced it yesterday on our way to walk around historic St. Augustine. (We needed a day off from the beach.)  I think she misses just being in her own place with her own things, and I think she may miss the dog.

Ladybug just wandered into our bedroom... so I better go see what's up.  Happy Friday everyone!


  1. A couple that I have that I enjoy

    Going Long by Gordo Byrn


    Triathlon Training in Four Hours a Week by Eric Harr

  2. Send me an email I can send you a schedule that might work for you. From another Mom who is still working on that balance!

  3. Let me know if you want some training/workout ideas. I have some tools, etc. that could be useful for you but in summary, when strapped for time, trade duration for intensity.

  4. We've got a book coming for you this fall. The Time-Crunched Triathlete by Chris Carmichael.


  5. Wow! Your site is very inspiring. I loved reading your blogs. I work in affiliation with a company that offers equipment to those who are training for marathons, triathlons, and those who are returning from injuries. I think your site would be the perfect place to have a link set up. Let me know what you think. Keep up the hard work!!!


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