Tuesday, June 1, 2010

One Way to Lose Your Appetite...

This afternoon after work, Mr. Darcy, the girls and I went down to my LBS.  I feel sorry for the LBS guys because Mr. Darcy takes a long time to make decisions about things and he's kind of putting them through the paces.  Today he road all 3 bikes he thinks he's interested in and decided he's going to rent the one with the Tiagra shifters.  He didn't like the bike that had the SRAM shifters because of how you have to shift - push in to make the gear harder and push really far in to make the gear lighter.  I'm trying to figure out how much it will cost to have the Tiagra shifters replaced with at least 105s since Fuji doesn't seem to offer Ultegra anymore on the model he's looking at.  But I know the mechanics can replace it.

Anyway, Mr. Darcy is going to rent a bike for the day over the weekend and see what he really thinks.  But he won't even buy bike gloves or shorts until he buys the bike.  Kind of crazy, but then women and men's brains work differently.

I was after 6 pm when we finished up and the girls were chanting (quite literally) that they were hungry.  So we went next door to the Chipotle.  I ordered a salad with meat, salsa and cheese.  Mr. Darcy ordered his beef bol.  The girls got chicken quesadillas.  I ate about 1/4 of my salad when I saw scurrying.  In. my. salad.  What type of bug it was, I have no idea.  It wasn't a fly or a spider, but it was brown and it was at least 1/4 of an inch long with a round body and a round head and 4 legs.  Amazingly, I did not gag.  I did freak out a bit, but not enough to cause a scene.  Mr. Darcy took my bowl up to the register.  At first they offered me a new salad, but I couldn't even fathom eating another salad out of the same bowl that the critter had come from to begin with.  Mr. Darcy couldn't eat his food either.  Only Angelfish seemed not to mind, but objected to the spicy chicken.  The manager came out and agreed to return the money we spent.  But when we got home, no one wanted to eat a thing.  The thought of that bug crawling through my salad made both my stomach and Mr. Darcy's turn.  So he headed out for his 5 mile bike ride, which the girls played in their play room.

I originally had decided that I wasn't going to have anymore alcohol until my birthday in late August, but I decided my alcohol ban would have to start tomorrow because the only thing I was okay with was wine and cheese and a little lunch meat.  So there you have it.  A nice way to ruin an appetite. UGH.


  1. What do they say, "tastes like chicken?" :)

    But seriously, gross, gross, gross. I don't know if I could have eaten either. I know my wife would have made us leave and eat elsewhere.

  2. Glad I already ate dinner b/c just the thought of it is making me grossed out. Progressing on the bike thing, albeit slow, it's going in the right direction. I'm not a SRAM fan. The single click, double click thing just doesn't do it for me. Shimano is tops in my book.

  3. Glad i am inbetween meals right now.

    *bike shorts, Mr Darcy, bike shorts*