Thursday, June 10, 2010

One moment at a time...

Mr. Darcy ended up working until 3:30 am last night and is NOT going to West Palm Beach after all.  The poor guy.  I called him in his office at 10:30 and asked, when do you think you'll be home and he said "I hope it will be soon, but this is taking much longer than I expected you might not want to try to wait up." So I didn't.  I fell asleep. Soundly.  Until I heard the dog excitedly whimpering and footsteps and I said "Hello?" And Mr. Darcy responded, right as I looked at the clock that said, "3:32."  I asked him how in the world was he supposed to get up and drive safely to West Palm Beach... and he said, "I'm not and I'm going in late to work, but can you still take the kids to daycare?"

So I did.  The girls were a lot of fun this morning.  Angelfish told me, "I have some ideas, Mommy."  "Like what, sweetie?"  "I think we should have happiness, laughter and goodness. And I'm not going to let anyone change my ideas."  "Honey, if you keep that way of thinking your whole life, you will be a very happy girl."  And then she wandered off to use the potty.  Deep thinking from my almost 4 year old.  Next up was Ladybug who was all business and asked why we don't get blueberry waffles anymore and had me explain what a flood was and why it ruined the blueberry waffle eggo plant and "How are we supposed to grow up now?" all while eating a whole grain eggo waffle just fine and dandy.  It was all I could do not to laugh.

I didn't make it to the pool or on a run.  I did my pushups and sit ups though.  I also thought it was "water day" at school which is where in the summer they have the parents bring their children on Thursdays to school in their bathing suits and beach shoes to run and play in the sprinklers and hoses since it gets super hot early in the day.  You also have to bring a towel and a change of clothes.  The girls were all set for water day... but water day doesn't start until NEXT Thursday.  DOH!  So, I spent time helping them change their clothes while they cried.  I finally told them, "I made a mistake and misremembered when water day started.  I'm sure you can put this in the book of why I was the most terrible mother ever."  That got them both to stop crying and ask "why are you a terrible mother?"  So I told them, "I am NOT a terrible mother.  In fact, I'm a great Mommy.  I do the best I can everyday with what I have and I love you two very much, and that makes me a great Mom."  They then changed their clothes nicely, told me that I was not a bad Mommy and that they loved me and that it was okay that I made a mistake.  Ladybug also told me she knew that Mommy's and Daddy's make mistakes because we yell sometimes.  I told her we yell because we get frustrated when she or her sister make the wrong choices over and over and we know that they can make the right choices, and that we get so frustrated we get upset, but that we try our best and that's all we can do.  She was okay with that.  The funny part is that we do not yell at them all that often, but I guess it makes an effect on her when we do.

On the way home from daycare, I stopped and got Mr. Darcy a bagel with egg, ham and cheese and a coffee from the bakery.  I got one for me too, but only ate about 1/4 of the bagel... but all of the egg, ham and cheese.  I have to say my body isn't really fond of breads and crackers anymore - or fries for that matter.  Last night we took Mr. Darcy some chik-fil-a for dinner.  I ordered a salad with grilled chicken and a side of fruit.  Ladybug wanted fruit with her nuggets and Angelfish said she wanted fries.  Well, I accidentally gave Ladybug's kids meal with the fruit and milk (our kids do NOT drink soda) to Angelfish and she was munching away on the fruit so I had Ladybug trade the fries (which she had just announced she did not want) with Angelfish... who ate one fry and said "Mommy, I want fruit." So I gave her my fruit (and had a very proud Mommy moment that my girls were picking the healthier options even if I had just given them deep fried chicken in a moment of "we're out of groceries and I didnt' make it to the store and it's 6:30 pm and right after gymnastics" terror).  I ate a couple of her fries and realized that to me they tasted disgusting.  Mr. Darcy thought all the fried items were wonderful, so I know it was just me.  The bagel was only eh.  So I'm pretty sure my body likes this whole no processed food thing I'm doing.

Mr. Darcy asked me at lunchtime (he still hadn't left for work yet but was headed out the door) if I had been on a scale lately.  I told him no, nor did I intend to.  He told me I look like I've lost a good bit of weight because the outfit I had on was looser than he's seen in it awhile and it looked really good.  So that made me happy too.

I had a hair appointment during my lunch hour, so I won't make it to the grocery until after my Committee meeting this evening... although I may stop in to quickly pick up a zone bar on my way to the meeting.  But I'm dreaming of cherries. Yum.  The meeting tonight may be contentious, but we shall see what happens.  Maybe if I dont' need a drink after the meeting, I'll try to get in that elusive 3 mile run from the other day.  Right now, I'm just taking one moment at a time...

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  1. This a great, great post, one big smile throughout reading it.