Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sleep & A Doozy of a Morning

Last night I talked to Coach and told her about the wierd pain that was terrible and making me limp in my upper calf near the back of my knee.  It's been just a twinge here and there since the 70.3, but nothing I worried about.  Not even in Seattle as it was uncomfortable while walking and carrying a 30 pound child.  It didn't hurt during the run yesterday but by the evening, I was limping.

She said no running for a few days.  Swim for about 45 minutes to 1 hour, easy.  Bike easy on the stationary bike with no heavy resistance the next day, and then we'll talk again.  I took 3 advil and went to bed.  And I slept.  Like a log.

I woke up at one point 5 minutes before the alarm clock was set to go off.  I opted to sleep for the next 5 minutes, which some how turned into an hour and 5 minutes.  I only woke up because Mr. Darcy woke me to ask if I could take the girls to daycare.  Forgetting that I had an 8 am conference call for a bar committee I was on, I said yes.

But my leg doesn't feel so bad this morning.  I'll have to swim tomorrow and move the bike to Friday, but maybe that's not such a bad thing.  I'm still coughing here and there, but it's so much better that it's amazing.  And yet I wouldn't mind a bit more sleep.  So I'm plotting to spend my lunch hour napping.  We'll see how it goes.  Hopefully it will give me patience to deal with Ladybug and her attitude of late.

This morning, Ladybug yelled at me (literally) and cried and threw herself on the floor because I cut her yogurt open (it was a squeezer) after she asked me to remove the top piece.  Evidently, she didn't want me to open it but instead to just remove a little piece of plastic.  I told her she had the option to eat the yogurt or go without yogurt and then said that Angelfish and I were going to get socks.  And we walked away.  Then Ladybug is screaming "Mommy" as though I've deserted her in a pit of vipers.  I ask her why she is screaming and she tells me "You scared me."  I ask how and she says she thought I left her.  I told her that I said we were going to get socks.  Then she lies to me and says that I yelled at her, which I decidedly did not do at any point.  I told her that I did not and that I didn't appreciate her making up lies.  Ladybug then starts yelling about how she didn't want me to open her yogurt.  So I said, "fine, give it to me.  I'll eat it."  "No, it's mine!"  I walked away with Angelfish and put her socks and shoes on.  The next thing I know Ladybug is eating her yogurt and singing "Nanny, Nanny Boo Boo.  Nanny, Nanny, Boo, Boo.  You have zero."  I'm sure she's picked this up at daycare because we certainly have not taught her this. I'm grateful it's not the version I know from childhood too - "Nanny Nanny Boo Boo Stick your Head in Doo Doo."  That would be a bit too much for me this morning.

We get to school and the girls are angels.  They walk in nicely, and we go to their classroom, they start to play with their friends outside.  One of the teachers tells them (after they've given her a morning hug) that they make her day and then tells me how sweet they are and how at picture day yesterday they did wonderfully with the pictures and gave beautiful smiles and everything.  I thought to myself, at least they are both sweet and wonderful for other people.  They are sweet and wonderful at home, but they also will be so silly that you can't get them dressed or get something done (Angelfish) or be so demanding, yelling, and act as though nothing is good enough (Ladybug) to the point that your brain wants to scream.  I guess it's as someone told me recently, they know how far they can push you but they don't know how far they can push their daycare teachers.  Whatever it is, it's frustrating.

But good news on the potty front... Ladybug kept her underpants dry and clean.  Bribery with a token for "good behavior" and a piece of gum will get you everywhere.  Let's see if it works again today.  Angelfish gets to benefit from this as well, since what rewards one rewards both in this house.  It was cute too because yesterday when I got the girls from their different class rooms at daycare, the first thing Angelfish did after hugging me was to ask Ladybug if she kept her underpants dry and clean.  When Ladybug said yes, Angelfish said "Yay! Ladybug!  I did too!"  So I had two cows (girls) chewing cud (sugar free bubble gum) loudly in my back seat on the way home.  Happy as can be.

And we finished our witch and cats.  We also decided we need to get some orange lights to put out behind them to make them glow a little.  So we'll be off to Target at some point in the not too distant future.  I just have to find a way to get through this evening's soccer practice first...

Maybe a nap at lunchtime...


  1. Wow, what a morning with Angelfish!!!

  2. OOPS CORRECTION, I mean ladybug, see what little sleep gets you, sorry