Thursday, October 22, 2009

Splish Splash

I went to the pool this morning and, despite some issues with my goggles leaking every now and then, I felt great to be back in the water.  It felt odd at first, as though my muscles were super tight.  But after the 1st 100m, I was back in it.  It was supposed to be an easy swim and I was running behind schedule due to a "lovely" morning with Ladybug.  She can be rather infuriating at times.  I fully expect that she will have had an accident or two today at school merely because she can "control" that situation.

Anyway, I focused on my stroke and reaching out.  When I swim "easy" I sometimes swim "lazy" and don't go through my stroke like I should.  But, I did a mile in 35 minutes.  Not a world record or even as fast as before the 70.3, but I was happy with it as my easy swim.  If I had more time, I would have gotten to the 1.2 miles, but as it was I was doing my best to make it to work on time.

It is lovely to be in the water and just swim.  The fact that the girls were atrocious at soccer last night (to the point that another mother gave one of the other mothers a look, which was the last straw in an already difficult situation with my children) and that Ladybug was the spawn of Satan this morning (and I'm guessing that I'd have to be Satan in that reference since Mr. Darcy had more patience than I did with her this morning), while still weighing on my mind now was a distant and removed memory while in the pool.

This morning, I wished I had more time to stretch out my muscles and swim for hours.  I even wondered what it would be like to spend the time to swim 2.4 miles in the pool, as though I was preping for an Ironman.  I bet it's fun... and relaxing... to get into that swim zone where it's just you and the sound of the water as you swim.  I think I could swim all day, if you let me. 

But that stuff called work, and life, and errands, and ugh - responsibilities - gets in the way.  At least I had 35 minutes of splishing and splashing in the pool. A good way to re-start the morning.

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  1. I have noticed swim practice, just swimming, non stop, no sets, is the best and most relaxing thing we all do, I just lose myself in the swim and just go, so relaxing and peaceful