Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Day Without a Run

Yesterday evening as I was walking around getting ready for my evening meeting,  after I parked the car and walked in, walked out afterwards, and then wandering around the house when I got home, my left leg felt wierd.  It wasn't in the spot where it's been hurting.  Nope, it felt like I was hyperextending my knee.  I ignored it of course thinking maybe it had something to do with my back and it would go away.

Go away it did, but now this morning the muscles above my knee but at the back of my quad right as it tapers down to my knee aches.  It's not terrible pain, but it is pain.  I put on my running clothes anyway, got the girls in the car and off to daycare with Mr. Darcy, and decided that maybe I'd just put on my running shoes and try to run a little.  I really want to do my 4 mile run.  4 miles really isn't much compared to what I had been doing, and my body wants to get out there and run.

As I went to put on my shoe, my leg had a twinge and I thought to myself, I need to call Coach.  It was 7:30 am and if I was going to head out and be home in time for work, I needed to call now.  I figured she would be up and getting her kids out the door.  So I called.  I woke the poor woman up.  She had gotten the kids to school and went back to sleep - she's training for IMFL right now, so she grabs naps when she can before starting her day job.  I felt badly about waking her, but she told me not to run.  I think I knew that was going to be her response when I called, but I didn't want it to be what I heard all the same.  She thinks that I pulled something in my leg and that now the other surrounding muscles have been taking over for that muscle as it heals and so they are "wonky" (highly technical term) and not to run so I don't damage anything.

I told her that technically my A race isn't until March so I guessed it was okay not to run this once.  She laughed at me and said if I could get in the pool and use a buoy so I'm not even kicking to just swim for a bit.  I told her I wasn't sure if I could do that today because of the girls' daycare party and having to teach a seminar online from 2-5 pm today, immediately followed by the girls' soccer practice (yes, I like to torture myself) at 6 pm.  She said to just let her know and we'd figure something out but not to stress about it because I'm in "recovery" and the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon is not until mid March.

So I ended up doing a bit of work in the early morning, discovered 2 new projects in my email from yesterday evening that will be on a rush basis for work, and blogging.  It feels so strange not to be out there running and to be sitting.  But I know I'm blessed to be doing either.  So here's to a busy day!

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