Friday, October 23, 2009

The Halloween Decor ... So Far

After this morning's depressing post, I decided to use my lunch break to make a much happier one.  Pictures of our Halloween Decor, as it is so far.  I am expecting to have more by the end of the weekend since we will be carving pumpkins and making paper bats.  Halloween was my friend Angela's favorite holiday, so hopefully as she looks down on us from above she'll enjoy our Halloween "treats."

Our friendly, yet plastic, pumpkin

One of our many "spooky spiders"

The start of our hanging of spiderweb

Cat #1

Our friendly witch (sans lantern) and her other 2 cats
(This was our wood project from Martha Stewart Living)


  1. Halloween was a MAJOR holiday in my house as a kid! It rocked out. Looking good...