Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Saga of my Leg and the Joy of Halloween

I skipped my run yesterday, as you know.  I had all the best intentions to bike this morning.  There was just one thing.  My leg HURTS.  Yes, in deed.  I blame it on the heels I wore yesterday. 

Yes, I work from home.  But I was teaching a seminar over the web.  The attendees can see my presentation slides and hear my voice, but they can't see me.  However, I know from Dale Carnegie and a million of my own life experiences that if all I can hear is your voice and you're in your pajamas, somehow I'm going to be able to tell.  So I was dressed in nice pants, a nice top, and heels.  I normally wear a suit when I teach a seminar with a live audience, but I haven't been able to bring myself to go whole hog with the suit when teaching online just yet.  So, yes, I chose to wear brown heels but in my defense, they were the low brown heels not the stilts I like to wear when presenting.

When I walked in these shoes it felt like I was hyperextending my knee, yet I couldn't stop walking "that way."  I ignored it because, well, other than the girls' Halloween parade and party and getting them from daycare and going to their soccer practice, and the random walking I do around the house in the evenings, I was sitting most of the day.  By the end of soccer practice, my leg really hurt.  When I walked up the 2 small steps at the front of our house, I had to grab the column for support when I led with my left leg.  I took those shoes off and my leg hurt.  It continued to hurt even after 600 mg of advil.  The edge was off, but it still hurt.

I figured I'd sleep on it.  In the morning, it hurt.  So, I stretched.  It was not happy with me at all.  No sir-ee-Bob, it was not.  It hurt worse.  I got up, walked around and after deciding to skip my bike ride today to prevent further angering the leg gods, took my children to daycare and realized my leg has been like this for at least 2 weeks.  So I called the doctor and in I went.

Now I have an appointment with an orthopedic and sports medicine doctor, who my doctor tells me is not just in-network on my insurance plan, not just very well respected in the medical community, but is also a triathlete.  In the meantime, I am required to wear a very sexy knee sleeve, take 800 mg of advil for pain each time, elevate when possible, and ice my leg.  I am prohibited from running or biking and can only swim while using a buoy.  All of this I must do until I can get in with the orthopedic doctor. The earliest appointment I could get was November 10th! I admit the reason I avoided going to the doctor before this... prohibitions on running and biking.  I predicted them, and like any good ostrich I was just putting my head in the sand so I couldn't hear it.

My doctor fears a tear because the area of the pain is around the spot where your calf muscles attach to the tendons.  I doubt a tear because I think I'd be in a lot more pain and that my body would resist things a bit more than just being painful.  It's not like I've been on the verge of tears or anything... just anywhere from a 5-7 on the painscale (10 being the highest).  I've had worse pain before.  Plus, I think her phone consult with the orthopedic doctor made her think I really needed to have it checked out with him, and he told her I needed to come in and see him.  He has a picture of himself riding his cervelo and running on the "about" page.  Sweet bike, but I'm not sure how I feel about him having triathlon racing photos on his practice website - even if it is a orthopedic and sports medicine practice.

So, I am just focusing on the crazy work I have at my job and the fun of Halloween (and the realization that I have to clean the house for the visit of my in-laws).  The best part of my day yesterday has to do with Halloween... here are some pics of Angelfish and Ladybug and their Halloween Parade and Party at school!  They're my princesses!

Snow White on Parade

Princess Aurora on Parade

Ladybug's Party

Angelfish chatting with her buds at her Party

As long as they're good listeners this afternoon after school, we're decorating pumpkins and cooking apple pie!


  1. You need to relax and recover, your race isnt till march, thats plenty of time to train for it and rock it. Let your body heal itself. See what the doc says, but I heard numerous times agua-jogging is good for hurt legs.

  2. So funny I would have to dress up to, in order to take myself seriously.

    Pretty costumes!

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