Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An Ordinary Day

Today was an ordinary day, but as most ordinary days, they prove not to be so ordinary.  At 3 am-ish this morning, Angelfish woke up and was calling for Mr. Darcy, but he didn't wake up so I went.  She wanted to sleep in the bed with us because she woke up and missed us.  I don't have it in me to say no to a request like that, so in she crawled to the bed.  About 10 minutes later, Ladybug appeared on the floor in our room huffing and puffing... Angelfish had woken her up and now she was whiny and wanting to sleep in the bed with us too.  In she crawled, but she was fussy and shoving me off the bed.  So out she and I went and we slept in her little single bed in her room while Mr. Darcy and Angelfish got the Queen bed to themselves.  Let's just say that Ladybug moves ALOT in her sleep, so I slept and did not sleep all at the same time.

The next thing I know, I am waking up because a light is on and I smell coffee.  It's 6:40 am and Mr. Darcy was being sweet and letting me sleep, which was great but not helpful because I needed to get to the gym to swim and wanted to get back to be at work on time because I have a webinar to teach tommorrow and thus want my last minute practicing.

All went as well as it could with getting the girls ready for school.  Angelfish was super silly and Ladybug was demanding.  But God Bless daycare and Ms. A.  She's been talking about CHristmas and Santa Claus and how Santa Claus watches to see which are the good girls and boys.  Mention Santa is watching and Ladybug stops yelling/whining/crying.  Whoo hoo.  Of course, I'm sure it won't last long and it's probably not nice for me to laud Santa's watchful eye over her.  But it sure is nice to have some peace all at the same time.

Then it was off to swim.  Traffic wasn't so hot, so I had to skip one of my 400's, but still got a mile in during the 35 minutes available to me.  But I was late to work.  That just means I worked late to make up for it.  Thus the late in the day post.

I started to practice after getting my ordinary daily tasks out of the way.  Interruption with a question that I sent off to my paralegal so that I could practice.  Then I remembered I was doing a crock pot meal.  So I practiced while dicing peppers, cooking turkey, and throwing it all together in the pot.  Back to practicing in my office, but first having to read the emails that came in to make sure there weren't any "emergencies."  Then an email arrived for a research question for my boss and the general counsel for the corporation.  Legal research, analysis, application of facts.  Return email.  Back to practicing.  Email from Aetna denying my claim for bloodwork AGAIN.  Call to Aetna and the doctor's office.  Back to practicing.  Finally finish one full practice out loud... and it's the end of the work day.  But I got through it and I'm pretty comfortable for the material, so all is well that ends well.

No news yet on Mr. Darcy's pay cut.  I have a feeling that they will wait until Friday so that everyone works hard this week and then has the weekend to get their grumbles out before Monday.  That's what I'd probably do if I was in charge of such things.  I'm just not sure I would have let them know this was coming 2 weeks beforehand... unless they were secretly hoping that people would quit, but in this economy it's not likely anyone who wanted to leave could leave anyway.  Mr. Darcy's very happy there so we're just keeping our fingers and toes crossed at this point.

Tonight I have to go get the girls and then Mr. Darcy arrives home and I'm off to a Junior League meeting.  It's a cluster meeting, meaning that you meet at a member's home with a smaller group of women for the meeting instead of the huge membership meetings that you have most months.  Should be good... but that reminds me, I need to get directions from google maps.  So I'm off!

I have a 4 mile run tomorrow.  Let's hope my leg and back cooperate!  Until then!

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