Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Joy of a Run

I emailed Coach yesterday and told her I was feeling better.  She told me I could do a 3 mile easy run, doing 5/1's but if I started coughing or felt light headed to stop.  So, this morning, after the kiddies and Mr. Darcy were out the door, I set out on my run. 

It felt SOOO good to be out there running again.  I have missed it.  I even dreamt about running twice in the last 3 days.  My loop is 3.2 miles, and it seemed to go by so quickly... 37:10 (11:36 average pace).  Not bad for doing 5/1's, one of which was actually a 5/2 because I was coughing a bit during the 1st minute  I had a hard time keeping my HR in zone 2, but didn't cough while running.  I coughed some while walking, but chalked it up to post nasal drip.  I didn't think I was getting light headed, but when I finished up the run, I definitely was.  OOPS.  I couldn't help but run like I did.  I tried to hold myself back some more, but it didn't feel comfortable so I just ran in a way that I felt good.  After coughing up my lungs the 5 minutes after I finished and having to stand still and gulp down Gatorade so I could stop feeling light headed, I realized that maybe I went out a little too fast for my first day back.

I won't go as far as to say I shouldn't have run though. It felt much too good to be out there. Listening to my shoes squeak as they hit the pavement.  Feeling the sweat beading up (I opted for a long sleeve performance shirt... not sure what I was thinking it was 60 when I left the house... not nearly cold enough for it).  Thinking about my arm posture and driving my hands toward the "finish line." Looking ahead and thinkng about the next turn in my route and little else (except for when I had to do the math for the next 5 minutes in the 5/1). 

I've never been a big fan of Galloway.  I like the idea of being able to run the entire distance and somehow getting faster from there.  But, I fully admit that it works.  You can cover a distance faster and feel pretty good both during and after.  Plus my back doesn't feel as bad afterwards, which is a definite plus.

On the non-running side of things, we've decided that the girls are going to have to finish out their soccer season.  They claim that they are "afraid" of playing soccer, of the other kids running at them.  Saturday we let them skip their game because I was sick, Bill wasn't feeling the greatest, and we had just gotten back from vacation.  But they'll be at the rest of the games.  Not sure that they'll play but we'll be there.  The Y is now saying that no parents can be on the field with the kids during the game anymore.  That's the only way we could get our little ladies out on the field.

On the potty training front, Ladybug is making me crazy.  We've been at this for over a year and she'll do great for several weeks (like on our vacation) and then be terrible about it (like this past weekend and yesterday).  I have to say I HATE pee and just completely feel like she's never going to be potty trained.  I think she uses it as a control thing.  So now I'm reverting to making it into a HUGE deal everytime she pees in the potty at the house, cheering and clapping and the whole 9 yards to try to keep from having to do a million loads of disgusting laundry. (Which reminds me, I have to put a load of pee clothes and sheets in today.)  Angelfish on the other hand (KNOCK ON WOOD) is potty trained.  She has an accident once in a blue, blue moon... like once every 2 months or so.  At least I can be thankful that one of them keeps her underpants clean.  I hated this stage of having a dog too.  Ugh.

The girls are being sweet but WHINY.  And Ladybug is trying to order us around, which we (of course) are nipping in the bud.  It gets under my skin.  Yesterday she ordered me to give her a piece of gum and when I told her no she threw herself on the floor at daycare.  On the floor.  Over a piece of gum.  It didn't work of course, but it was a bit embarrassing.  I just told her she could lay on the floor if she wanted but she wasn't going to get a piece of gum and that I was going to get Angelfish from her classroom.  Next thing I knew she was pretending to cry and holding my hand.  Still no gum.

But then there are those great moments when all they want you to do is hold them and read a story or chat with you.  That makes it all worthwhile.

That and getting to go for a run. : )


  1. A good run does good things! I'm glad it went well & felt good. I've had some fitness-themed dreams lately too. Fun!

  2. Reading about the youngins is quality entertainment, being there to see it must really be the best treat of all.