Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Mr. Darcy!

First, thank you to everyone for their supportive comments.  I feel like I have my own cheering squad!  And thank you to my new readers.  I get excited everytime I see another person has been added to the "follower" board!  Now for today's ramblings...

Today Mr. Darcy is 35.  We had a nice morning with the girls before rushing them into the car so Mr. Darcy could get to work on time and so I could get to the pool.  Not sure we were successful at getting them into the car so that we were actually on time though.  Traffic was a mess.  Not to mention I saw Mr. Darcy bump the back end of another car this morning.  Luckily there was no damage and no one was injured and the person he bumped was really nice about it. (Birthday present #1?) 

For me, a 2000 m swim ensued, made up of  4x500m (supposed to be negative splits) timed.  It was supposed to be a 2500 with a warm up and a cool down, but I was short on time.  And here's confession time.  I wasn't good yesterday about eating all of my calories.  And I wasn't good about it the day before either.  I've been good about hydration, at least.  Let me tell you, it showed in the pool today.  I negative splitted the 1st, 2nd and 3rd 500s and then my foot cramped during the last 500.  Uh. yeah.  So that made me a little slower on that last one.  Times were 10:16.93, 10:16.14, 10:15:43, 10:17.01.  Not so great.  One thing I know about myself though is that when I have planned workouts that contain negative splits, I always go slower.  It makes no sense, I know.  But it's been my history... like I know I need to save up my energy for the next one. But I felt sluggish in the water today and I think that's the nutrition. 

I hate to admit this, but I skipped dinner last night.  I just wasn't hungry. Then I had about 250 calories before the swim.  But after the way I felt in the pool and seeing that I was slower today than I was able to do last week, I am going to be on the ball with my nutrition.  I vow to eat all my calories (today that's 2511 calories) everyday - it may take some doing because the food I like (veggies and fruit) doesn't have a whole lot of calories in it, but I will do it!  In fact, I just had a bagel with cream cheese, an orange and a banana, and a v-8.  There will be a piece of birthday cake involved today too, so I will do it.

Last night's soccer practice was... well, interesting.  I picked the girls up from school, changed them into their soccer garb, fed them some sandwiches and watered down gatorade (which they like to call gator juice), and we were set.  Ladybug and Angelfish were excited.  They wanted to play some soccer!  They ran around the fields kicking the soccer ball and looking at the throng of people - parents and kids alike.  But we had to wait for the talk from the Y's athletics director first.  It's sad really that we had to listen to a "talk" about sportsmanship and the fun of sport for 3 year olds (directed squarely at their parents of course as they seem to be the bad actors), but so it was. 

Coach Mike seems like a nice guy, which is always a good thing.  Of course, any one who volunteers to coach 3 year olds at soccer has to be patient being to begin with.  When it was time for the practice to actually get under way, Angelfish and Ladybug decided that they didn't want anything to do with it.  They wouldn't run, kick the ball, or anything.  Angelfish even hit a kid in the stomach with her ball as she threw it and then refused to apologize.  Mr. Darcy took her to the car to discuss her behavior (and by the look of her face when they returned she may have gotten a spanking too. I'm not sure what happened.).  While they were gone, Ladybug got brave and kicked the ball into the net with the other kids on her team.  Then she did a couple of drills.  Mr. Darcy and Angelfish returned and all of a sudden she was not willing to play anymore.

Ladybug all teary about not wanting to play while Angelfish looks longingly into the distance...

But, I have to say...the girls were too cute in their soccer attire...

Before bed ... which I will say - they went rather willingly last night... wonder if it was the soccer practice... I love it when a plan comes together MUUUAAAHHHAHAHA!  Even if they didn't play much it still tired them out.  Whoo hoo!...

The importance of good hydration... watered down gatorade!

oh, sorry... yes, before bed, Ladybug asked me where Daddy's cake was for his birthday.  The girl knows there will be birthday cake.  I assured her that we were going to pick it up from the bakery after school tomorrow.  Angelfish wanted to make sure that Mr. Darcy would be getting his presents too.  I have a feeling Mr. Darcy will be fully spoiled with love today from his little ladies who love birthdays!

Mr. Darcy and I are having lunch today, and the wonder twins and I are taking him for a steak dinner tonight.  Of course, we're going to Outback which is family friendly, unless he decides at the last minute to chose a different dinner locale. 

(MR. DARCY BDAY GIFT SPOILER AHEAD, IF YOU"RE READING TODAY. Go to the next to last paragraph!)I got him the tennis racket he wanted (which is not a surprise since he showed me the racket and I told him to buy it), but at least I know it's something he'll like.  I think he'll be amused with what the wonder twins picked out for him (they get to "buy" gifts for loved ones from the dollar section at Target).  He'll be even more amused with what I didn't let them get him - a Hello Kitty coloring book, a jump rope, a plastic bag full of plastic worms, a flower covered notebook, a heart bracelet, and perhaps best of all a school folder with a princess on the front of it.  At 3, they needed a good bit of reminding that we were buying presents for Daddy and not for themselves.  Thus, the spiderman yo-yo, spiderman stickers, Ironman (the comic book character although I was secretly amused) crayons, and a dinosaur that roars when you press a button.   

The girls also got Mr. Darcy one of his favorite movies in the world on DVD... Back to the Future. They had a little bit of help with the selection of that one.  Ladybug had originally insisted that Daddy wanted a Barbie Princess video while Angelfish was angling for a Word World video.  Of the two, Word World is allowed in the house, but Barbie is not.  I've already caved on the Disney Princess crap stuff, but I have some things that I will not cave on.  Barbie is one.  Did you know that if she was a real human being she would topple over because 1) her feet are too small for her height, and 2) her breast size compared to her hip and waist would make it next to impossible for her to walk. Ugh. Don't get me started... let's just say Barbie couldn't do a triathlon.

What was I saying? Oh, yes. What more could Mr. Darcy ask for in a birthday? 

I hope it's a good one because I'm up bright and early for my bike ride that I switched from today, so he'll have the little ladies all to himself while I'm off riding my 35 miles at race pace.

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