Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's Official. I have the brain of a triathlete.

Hopefully he/she isn't looking for it! HAHAHA.
This morning I dragged myself out of bed. Almost literally. I set the alarm for 5:30, but didn't get up until probably 6:15. I was so tired that for a brief moment, I had the thought of skipping my 25 mile bike ride. It was just a moment, and it was gone as soon as I told myself that I'd feel better once I got on the bike and that I'd feel even better about it when it was race day and I had those miles in my training bank.

So I donned my bike gear and then heard a little voice talking through the bathroom wall. (Our bathroom backs up to the girls' room and we can hear them talk while in there. Comes in handy for when you need to say "Be Quiet. Go to Bed." but are willing yourself not to go back into their bedroom that evening.) I wandered over to their room and there was Angelfish. She saw me and asked if she could get up even though the sun wasn't up yet. I told her yes, and she told me she was talking to her tummy and her tummy didn't feel very good. Turns out she was hungry. A potty break and a few breakfast muffins later, she was dancing around like the little morning sprite she is. Even got dressed while singing and laughing. The girl is a comedianne with one of those personalities that you just can't help but love. Ladybug was still sleeping since she kept herself up to 10:30 pm last night. I think she was hoping to catch a glimpse of Mr. Darcy returning from his business trip.

Once Mr. Darcy was dressed and moving about, I headed out to get my bike done. Except, it looked like rain. Even smelled like it too. I love living in a place with somewhat clean air. The smell of rain before it ever rains, that earthy yet wet smell. So, I got in the car and headed to the Y. I knew that if I got on the trainer the girls would distract me and it wouldn't get done. Plus, I honestly hate using a trainer. The stationary bike is not much better, but at least I can go faster on the stationary bike. I'm slow on the trainer. (It started to rain at mile 11, so I was glad I opted for the stationary bike. I know too many people who have gotten injured while biking in the rain, and this close to race day I don't want to take any chances.)

As I was driving, I realized that I am officially a triathlete. Why, you ask? Well, I saw a sign for the bakery that said "Long ride ahead? Stop in for a bagel with cream cheese and coffee. $3.99" Do I think of morning commuters? No, I think the sign is directed at me and my bike ride. I even think of the other morning cyclists that come out. Then I think about how it would be messy to ride the bike with cream cheese on the bagel and where the heck would I put the coffee. It would be dehydrating all that caffeine." And then it hits me (and I'm normally not a dense person), they're talking about everyone else. Those people going to work - in their cars.

I'm a triathlete with a brain on training. It's like going to law school. You enter your first year thinking like a normal person and by year 3 someone asks you a question and you can't give a definitive yes. It's a yes, but qualified by all the possibilities that could make it a no. When I teach a CLE class, I like to ask a rhetorical question and then joke with the audience: Well, since I'm a lawyer, the answer is "it depends." Then I talk about what it depends on and what other things we have to take into consideration too. Other lawyers find this funny. Non-lawyers seem to find it exasperating.

Now my brain is triathlete driven too. Long ride? Must be the bike. Water? Must be time for a swim or perhaps for hydration. Calories? What's the breakdown... is it a 4:1 ratio? Bagel special? Add an egg and it's all good! Cool weather? Let's go for a run! I have a feeling non-triathletes look at me like those non-lawyers. Mr. Darcy said to me the other day "why does it take you so long to figure out what to eat? It's just food!" But it's not. It's now fuel couched in terms of "nutrition and hydration."

Even though it wasn't the ride I planned, I did a good job on the stationary bike. I figured I should increase the resistance level today in an attempt to mimic what the road is like. So I ranged from level 9 to level 15 (out of a possible 20) during my session. I primarily stayed in level 10 and 11, but have to admit that on some of the downhills I cranked it up to 15 here or there, and that on the 1st giant hill that went to the top of the screen, I put it in 9 part way through because my legs were feeling super tight. I figured it was like changing gears. I also discovered that you can't stand up and pedal on a stationary bike. I tried before lowering the level from 12 to 9 for that big hill. Even so, I blew my regular times away for riding. 25 miles in 1:10:06. 22 mph average. How I would love to do that in "real life" on my bike on a hilly course. I had visions of professional triathlete status and people cheering me in while the ESPN announcers commented "and she only started triathlons at the age of 33!" Yes, I was thinking big this morning.

Afterwards I got my bagel special and ran in to one of the Moms from daycare (who I really, really like. Very nice and funny woman. A dancer and a physical education teacher.). I always laugh when I run into people after a training session because even with deodorant on, I know I stink. Luckily, she knows I'm a triathlete and that I train before work. We ended up talking about how alot of the kids she teaches can't even touch their toes and they're in middle school, and then flexibility and running.

Then it was off to work. You know that thing that pays my bills. Not the next training session.
Oh, and my 3rd place age group award for my last Olympic Distance arrived... isn't it pretty?


  1. Nice trophy, congrats!!!

    I have daydreamed of being a professional triathlete at times, sighhhh

  2. Yay, congrats, that rocks it. You have to be proud.

    Oh, to be pro...or at least have someone else take care of all my shiz so I can just workout;)