Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back from Phoenix and Getting Ready.

I feel like I've been on a plane or in an airport way too much in the last few days.  But let's back up a little.

Sunday I ran the longest run of my entire life, and I ran a good 90% if not more of it.  I ran 12.25 miles at a 12:53 minute per mile pace.  I had hoped to finish in 2:30:00 or less, but 2:38:34 was close enough.  I got up at an ungodly hour because we were at the in-laws and allegedly were going to leave at noon.  Let's just say that their neighborhood doesn't have any street lamps.  Seriously.  At most there were 10 along the 6.15 mile route that I did twice.  I asked my FIL about it later and he simply replied, "it's a gated community. Street lamps are for crime prevention."  As an early morning runner, I like my street lamps.  I also thought about my time when I was "enjoying" my ice bath afterwards.  2:38:34.  My dream told me I'd finish the 70.3 in 7:48:34.  I think it's doable.

When we got home (we never leave the inlaws when we saw we will) around 6 pm on Sunday, it was time to feed everyone, bathe the little ladies and get them into bed.  Then I packed for Arizona (and Big Daddy Diesel, I was in Scottsdale so essentially Phoenix - 104!).  I was really impressed with my packing actually.  I fit not only my suit and various regular clothing and trip items into a carry on, but I also added running shoes, running clothes, cycling clothes and my swimsuit, goggles and swim cap.  Not to mention my HR monitor and corresponding watch and Road ID.  Oh yeah!

Monday morning I took the munchkins to school and headed to the airport.  I always laugh about the Orlando airport.  If I get there 2 hours before hand, I am always sitting around thinking that I don't need to get there that early.  But if I get there 1 to 1 1/2 hours beforehand (regardless of time of day), I end up running for the gates because of security, missing the tram, etc.  So, you guessed it.  At 8:30 am I was sitting at my gate wondering why the heck I get there so early.  Luckily all flights were on time, and it only took me until 5:55 pm eastern to get there.  Of course, this was 2:55 pm Arizona time.  (They have their own special time zone because they don't follow daylight savings.) 

So, I decided that I'd put some time in at the gym.  I think I'm a little nuts because I decided to do my 25 mile bike and 3 mile run brick that day.  I guess I figured I had nothing better to do, but I seemed to have forgotten that I ran 12.25 miles the day before.  My muscles however did not forget and were not very pleased with me.  But, I got it done anyway.  Then I ended up having a drink with a collegue and was up until about 1 am eastern time.

Luckily I got to "sleep in" until 6:30 am on Tuesday.  Of course, I woke up at 2:15 thinking it was time to get up and had to trick myself back to sleep a couple of times (again at 4:15 and 5:15 Arizona time).  Looking back at it, I should have gotten up and done my 6 mile run.  I had the best of intentions really.  The plan was to sleep in and be well rested for the seminar I had to teach, teach the seminar, and then at lunch time go for the run (on the treadmill though because of the 100+ heat).  Well, it turned in to: seminar, lunch with colleagues, working on load of emails for work, dinner with colleagues that didn't end until what my body felt like was midnight (9 pm Arizona).  I was practically falling asleep at the dinner table.

But I did get up early Wednesday and swam my 1700m.  Then I had breakfast and hit the road to the airport.  I got there early again.  8:45 am for my 10:45 am flight.  There was no one in security other than TSA agents.  The 2nd leg of the trip home ran late because of weather in Atlanta, so I didn't get home until about 9:30 pm.  The ladies were still up... stalling Mr. Darcy about bed time... and heard the garage door and requested to see me.  It was wonderful!  They gave me hugs and kisses and loved on me telling me how much they missed me and how they loved me.  It was the great end to the trip.

So I planned to run this morning.  But the girls were so happy I was home they were dragging their feet about getting ready, eating breakfast, etc.  Instead, Angelfish wanted me to carry her around so she could snuggle with me the whole time and Ladybug was her independent self but kept calling my name just so I could answer her.  She told me stories about what she did while I was gone too, which was pretty cute.  They dragged their feet so well that Mr. Darcy had to leave to get to work and I ended up taking them to daycare.  By the time I got home, it was time for me to start work.

Thus the plan was to run at lunch time, but I am dragging.  Seriously dragging.  So I emailed Coach and asked what I should do.  She told me to skip the run.  While I'm glad to hear that because it's all I can do not to sleep at the moment, I'm afraid to skip it and do something wierd to my race mojo.  I should probably just listen to my body and my coach though.  I guess I'll let you know if I end up running... but it's not looking likely.  I definitely won't miss my swim tomorrow or my brick (30 mile bike and 6 mile run) on Sunday.

On the plane I read the September issue of Triathlete Magazine, and it was a good one!  All about the mental game and how to harness that power for races and training.  It was awesome and a good thing to read leading up to my 1st 70.3! 

Augusta is only 10 days away and I'm surprisingly calm.  Maybe it's because I'm so tired and I have all this work stuff going on that I'm distracted from it.  But when I think about it, I get excited and very, very minor butterflies.  At the very least I'm going to put together a list of what to pack so I can be partially prepared to pack.  I'd go ahead and pack now except I've got that DC trip to pack for first.  Once that seminar is taken care of, I'll be all set for race day!


  1. Ok warm was an under statement, oven hot is more like it.

    Whats your bib #, I know two people going to Augusta to race, I love to track people and guess there finish times. I have a race that morning two, not as studly as yours, but a nice end of the year tri. Good luck, and thanks for making my coffee break interesting again.

  2. My kids love to snuggle when I get home from Long runs... CRACKS me up!

    Congrats on your longest mileage ever..

  3. What a couple of days! Wow! No wonder you are pooped!

    It's funny that you mentioned doing your brick as soon as you got there; I tend to do stuff like that as well when I leave town. I'm just so excited to actually be able to exercise in a 'different' place, ya know. :o)

    Keep up the GREAT work! That 12.25 is totally something to be SO proud of! Nice confidence booster too!