Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I have returned again...

Yep, I'm back.  Didn't really know I'd been gone did you?  Well, I had another business trip.  This time to DC.  Flying most of the day on Monday (what is with having to take 2 legs to get anywhere these days? I'd blame it on Orlando but a friend in NYC was complaining about the same thing.), teaching my seminar, and then the rest of the day in the airport.  I did luck out though, I got earlier flights for both of the legs of my journey.  The irony was that only Angelfish seemed excited that I was home earlier than expected.  Of course, the house was a complete disaster so that may have been why Mr. Darcy wasn't thrilled.  He may have been hoping to straighten up before I made it home.  Instead the mess (especially the dirty dishes on the counter and the leftovers that weren't put away) just stressed me out.  Not to mention being tired from all that traveling.  For some reason travel just makes me tired... especially airplanes.

Anyway.  My stress has found me.  I feel like the evil stress bunny from H#ll at the moment.  Of course, it may have to do with having to unpack, re-pack, deal with doctors offices that don't bother to call in refills, have a doctors appointment, reschedule the cleaning people (there's no way I can get this place straightened by the time they would get here to do the real cleaning), reschedule a hair appointment, have a performance review (mine) with my boss, do my regular work, take the girls to soccer tonight, get everyone fed and cared for, and visualize my perfect race day. 

But then my visualization might not work if they don't get rid of the e.coli in the river.  They're shocking the river with chlorine (the poor fish and wildlife) and they'll decide on Saturday after the re-test comes back as to whether we swim... but then the question is will they just eliminate the swim or make us run some and then bike and then the real run?  I'm hoping for an e. coli free river, but if I can't have that then I really just hope they eliminate the swim and have us get on the bikes first.  I can sure as heck swim 1.2 miles alot faster than running a 10K.  But on the swim, I'm not all that worked up about things there.  It's all the other stuff.

The girls soccer game this weekend was a mess.  Angelfish took the field excited to play and then had to go potty and freaked out because there was no potty on the field.  She never went back onto the field after the soujourn to the potty.  Ladybug refused to play claiming she had a headache (we think she claims she has a headache when she doesn't want to do things), so we talked about things a little and watched her teammates (the few that would) play.  I'm convinced the other team had some 5 year olds on it... either that or they have a market on growth hormone... these kids really were BIG and they really knew what they were doing on the field.  Meanwhile, our team of 3 year olds often had (thanks to the referee) a child holding the hand of a parent while running up and down the field (which is how I got Ms. Ladybug to play... she did great while I was with her).  Of course this morning, Ladybug announced she doesn't like to play soccer because the other children make her nervous and that she'll only play if Mommy holds her hand.  I had to remind myself that she is 3 and this is probably normal behavior at this age.  I told her that the best way to keep from being nervous was to keep trying to play soccer with the other kids because that was how she would learn how to play and what to do and that she would realize the other kids are just trying to have fun too.  I'm not sure she bought it.

Let's hope that type of thing will help with my nerves too!  4 days (including today) until the 70.3... I can do it!

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  1. Good luck! I hear ya on the kid soccer - it can be fun and stressful all at the same time.

    I am also a little bothered by the shocking of the river. Is this common?