Thursday, September 24, 2009

Race Day Approacheth...

... and I feel great!  I have to pack still, but I'm feeling good about the race.  I put together my list of things to pack (I do this so I don't forget anything... Mr. Darcy likes to tease me.  He says my lists have lists.  But it's the only way I can keep my life somewhat on track!), necessary laundry has been washed and dried, and a pile of items to pack has started to form on the living room sofa (which will have to be moved before I bring the girls' home from daycare or it will be spread across the living room floor).  My bike has been tuned, new clips put on the bottom of my shoes (I wore the others out but luckily had an extra set of cleats from the 2nd set of pedals I got when I won my bike.)  I sat down and not only visualized a great race but even wrote it down as I visualized last night... which helped me remember a couple little details I forgot to visualize out (like how I'm going to set up in transition).  I did everything down to imagining what I would look like on the bike and everything.

I am ready.  Other than the packing that is, but Mr. Darcy has an AIA meeting and has to work late tonight so I'll have plenty of time to get the packing in tonight after the girls are in bed.

I plan to have a great race.  I've worked hard and I'm ready.  I even did 22 miles on the stationary bike in 1 hour this morning.  (Coach picked up my bike for me since we're riding together and she had to pick up her bike too.  The bike shop guys are racing too so if worse comes to worse, I'll get them to look at it again on Saturday after I ride it around a little bit.) 

That's not to say I have no nerves.  I am a smidge nervous but its more along the lines of a minor underlying tension than all out nervousness.  I'm hoping it stays that way until race morning when I don't mind some pre-race jitters as long as it's not all out nervous to point of puking jitters.  I need the nutrition to stay down thank you very much!

According to the latest race report, the river was re-tested and all appears safe.  E. Coli is no longer present.  So, I'm excited about that. 

Now all that is left is to pack, sleep, travel, sleep, expo, rest, sleep, minor Saturday workout (probably more to keep me sane than keep me moving), and then race day!  Oh yeah!  This is going to be great!  I've already decided that no matter what, I'm going to finish the race - my very first HIM - and therefore I will definitely be a winner, just for the journey alone... not to mention I've been singing my "Shiny Medal" song. : )

Next post will be my race report... either Monday or Tuesday.  "See" you at the races!


  1. Good morning from Augusta! Hubby and I got in around 6PM last night. We rode around the town already; saw transition, swim start, etc... I've never been to Augusta before and the downtown is full of Southern charm. So pretty! I would say more than half of the run is shady and tree-lined... something that I don't get AT ALL in my part of Florida. Transition is BIG and grassy. Gonna 'drive' the bike course a bit today; but everything that we saw on our way here doesn't look anything worse than central Florida (actually central Florida may be even hillier in some respects... Clermont). It's going to be an exciting... yet, warm weekend. Looks like the cool front comes 'after' we leave. Boo-hoo!

    Drive safely!!!

  2. Good luck!! Stick to the plan, trust your fitness, you will do great, soak it all in and have fun. cant wait for the RR.

    Remember this is the reward for all your hard work.