Friday, December 19, 2008

Run & Swim

Hey all! This morning I did a 20 minute run and a 15 minute swim. I was running a bit behind schedule (aka I overslept and so did Mr. Darcy and the girls) so things got abbreviated. But the good news is that I did a half mile in the 15 minutes I swam. I was pretty pleased with that.

My voice has not yet returned although it is partially back. Maybe it can't remember if we live in Atlanta or Orlando these days... the good news is that we finished the Christmas shopping and the rum cake is ready for tonight's party. Now if we can only get the presents wrapped, presents mailed and the christmas cards mailed we'd be in good shape!

Speaking of good shape, not only am I in better physical shape but I've evidently shrunk enough to wear the next size down. : ) So there's a happy side effect of all my training.

In other training news, both Angelfish & Ladybug were wearing underpants when they left for school today after they both successfully emptied their bladders from the night before into the potty! WHOO HOO! Let's hope they keep it up! Those Disney princess underpants were the best purchase I've made yet...

Tomorrow is a bike ride, so keep your fingers crossed that I will remain accident free. I feel like I need one of those OSHA signs "job site accident free for _ days" except in my case it would be "biking accident free for _ days"...

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