Thursday, December 18, 2008

Back from Little Rock...

Angela's funeral was yesterday (Wednesday) and there was a visitation Tuesday evening as well. It was nice to be able to see those who knew and loved Angela and to be able to reminisce about the way she was. I got to know Bryan's parents a bit too (very lovely people) and one of Bryan's good friends from college. It was good to be able to spend time with them and not be alone waiting for the events to happen. We all have such wonderful memories of Angela, and at times I felt like she was just going to walk around the corner and say hey and sit down for a chat.

I think the eulogy I gave went well - many people said it was good and the best compliment was that I did Angela proud.... which was my aim. I feel a bit more at peace after the funeral and know that Angela is with God and is no longer in pain and is at peace... and if I play my cards right I'll get to join her in heaven some day too. : )

While in Little Rock, I worked out some. Wednesday morning I got up and swam a mile in a rather interesting pool. It was half the size of the pool I've been training in, so I had to do twice as many laps... and the pool went from 3 ft deep at the shallow end to 5 ft deep at the "deep" end. So there were times when I was dragging my knuckles on the bottom of the pool! It made me laugh a bit. This morning, I went on a 40 minute bike ride which was nice and invigorating and helped me get back in the swing of things on the bike. I must say biking is very fun and I've missed it. Of course, I started thinking how nice it would be to have a road bike instead of a hybrid, but I need to keep those thoughts at bay because road bikes are not exactly inexpensive.

Somewhere between leaving the church yesterday, flying home, and arriving home from the airport around 1 am last night I lost my voice. If you see it, please tell it that I miss it and would like it to come home! Tomorrow I hope to do a run and swim combo at the gym... maybe I'll find my voice along the road somewhere! : )

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