Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Return from Christmas...

Hi, all! Yes, the training continued during the holidays... along with some overeating and presents. : ) Christmas Eve I did a nice bike ride because, well, I didn't feel like the gym on Christmas Eve and it was a gorgeous morning. Then after gorging ourselves at the Polish Wigilia dinner I made (with a little help from the Polish Deli up the road), Christmas Day was exercise free. Angelfish & Ladybug were super excited that Santa Claus had come and we had a blast seeing how excited they were and keeping them from seeing the tree until Grammie and Papa were up and ready. They loved the doctor's kit and golfing stuff that Santa brought them, and had a great time playing with those and reading the books that Uncle Rob, Aunt Sue & Cousins Laura and Julia gave them until Nanna and Poppop arrived. And then it was the unwrapping extravanganza! They were so excited about unwrapping presents that they were unwrapping every present they could get their hands on - even if it wasn't for them! We had to stop them, of course, but it was rather cute. I think they're favorite gift of Christmas was the kitchen that Grammie and Papa got them. Every night Ladybug tells us that she's going to make popcorn (her current favorite food) for Baby Jesus and picks up the toy kitchen phone at least once and calls God. Angelfish likes to play with the blender and serve up drinks and get the boiling sound going on the toy stove. She also assists in the cooking of popcorn for Baby Jesus. The two of them are a hoot!

The day after Christmas, I did another bike ride... in fact, I pushed myself and did my 40 minute route in 30 minutes. And then followed it with a 30 minute walk (shin splints are still acting up a bit). Then we watched "Belle & the Beast" as the girls' like to call it, and played on the playground a good bit, said good bye to Nanna & Poppop when they had to head home, and tried to find a nice, fake Christmas tree for a good price. All I have to say is that the Orlando shoppers do not mess around with the day after Christmas sales - everything good was gone and the stores were a bit messy!

Saturday, I have to admit, I did not work out... the girls woke up right when I did and I didn't want to miss the time with them, so we played instead by going to Cocoa Beach. Being spoiled by the white sands of my hometown's beach, Cocoa Beach paled by far in comparison, but it was a beach and the girls had a lot of fun jumping over the waves and "building Cinderella castles" in the sand.

My Sunday workout and subsequent activity may have made up for it a little bit! Sunday I did my first 3 sport brick ever and it was hard but great! I did a hard 3/4 mile swim training (working on technique and speed drills) followed by a 30 minute bike at 95-100 RPM, followed by a 10 minute run (and I ran the entire thing) and a 10 minute walk to cool down (plus stretching of course). This coming Saturday (I'm trying to rearrange my workout week so that from now on I have Sundays off instead of Mondays so I don't miss 2 mornings in a row of wake up and breakfast with the wonder twins. I love seeing their faces in the mornings!) will be my next tri brick with a little more time spent on the bike and the run. That afternoon we went to Sea World with the girls which was fun, but definitely not a good idea crowd wise after Christmas. We won't do that again! We got soaked by Shamu which was the big highlight for the girls I think (who didn't like it at the time even though we were able to keep them dry with a poncho we bought, but like to talk about it ever since and tell us that Silly Shamu got us wet!) But we walked all over and a lot of the time had to carry one of the girls. I think the best part was the dolphin show, which Anglfish slept straight through!

Monday was my off day and I needed the recovery time! The girls for some reason got up at 4:30 am and were playing in their room and while we got them back to sleep by around 5:30 am, they were up again at the usual 6:30 am wake up. (And we had a little trauma with Ladybug pooping on the living room carpet next to the Christmas tree... I still can't figure that one out.) So, we fed them and dressed them and Mr. Darcy took them to daycare (to keep with the normal routine) and after Mr. Darcy got back we slept until 10 am! I can't remember the last time that happened... then we went to daycare to chat with the administrator about giving Angelfish especially (but Ladybug too) more mentally challenging activities since they don't want to move the girls up to the next rooms and Amanda is appearing to need more challenge. We'll have to see how it goes... if they don't want to challenge her to the level she needs we may have to find alternate arrangements. They admitted that our girls are very advanced and that their teachers commented on that, but they just don't want to move them up because there are other children older than them. I had to explain that age doesn't mean much but that mental challenge is imperative. Anyway. We'll see how it goes. Afterwards we tried to see a movie, but everything looked like fluff or bad, so we skipped that and walked around the shopping area a bit and then watched "Becoming Jane" - the (fictional) movie about Jane Austen based on some true facts that Angelfish gave me for Christmas. It was really enjoyable and I'm glad she bought it for me!

Today was back to work... so this morning I did a 40 minute bike ride and could still feel some stiffness in my front quads during the ride. Hopefully that will be worked out for tomorrow's swim run. But it was a nice ride although you can tell more people are off than at work around here because the cars were still parked at the houses or people were just leaving while I was biking. A good ride even though it was in the low 50s. Of course, it will be in the 70's later in the day. We've been wearing shorts!

That's the update. I hope all had a very Merry Christmas!

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