Friday, December 12, 2008

Attack of the Stomach Virus...

No, I'm not becoming slack with my workouts even though I've only gotten to workout once this week. Unfortunately, we've had a household of sickies this week. Ms. Amanda has been home since Monday morning. The poor thing fell at school on Monday and had to get liquid stitches under her chin. Tuesday morning she woke up with a fever and headcold and has been home until this morning (Friday). Wednesday evening Bill threw up a few times but then was fine in the morning, but Thursday morning Megan threw up and stayed home. Yesterday morning I didn't throw up but I wish I had... I suffered with very painful stomach cramps all day long and other stomach issues, which have for the most part subsided. But, in the night Megan started coming down with Amanda's headcold. She hasn't had more than a 99 degree fever yet, but that's exactly how Amanda started.

So, the likelihood of my running the 5K run tomorrow in Maitland is about 5% at best. But, I'm hoping that if I feel better by the end of the day today, I'll at least be able to get back on the workout scene. I have been missing it something awful! Besides, I need to be able to do my triathlon in February without making a fool of myself... not to mention making sure I'm in some kind of decent shape to start my Teams in Training training!

Wishes for good health to everyone!

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