Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Orlando Years begin...

We moved from Atlanta to Orlando and several friends said that I should start a blog for people to be able to keep up with us and especially since I'm planning on training for and competing in triathlons. I'm not sure if the latter is for moral support or comedy relief for my friends, but either way works for me really. All I have to say is living in Florida is great for triathlons. The pool is not cold, there's no smog to keep me indoors, and the weather is great (give or take a few hurricanes/tropical storms).

So far, I've signed up for my 1st triathlon (2/1) in the town I grew up in, began training and gave my self shin splits, and lost a few pounds. My shin splints seem to be gone and I'm easing back into the running (I've been speed walking in the meantime). I even went to the Track Shack and got myself fitted for a new pair of shoes. Turns out my old ones were worn out AND they were a full size too small. Their guess was that giving birth to twins made my feet grow a size. Hmm... wonder if that had something to do with the shin splints!

Why a triathlon? Well, I'm a glutton for punishment, I love to swim and ride bikes, and I can survive running (I think). Plus, as a mother of twins who works full time I don't have enough to do already! So stay tuned for more installments on the mysteries of my life - including why I'm crazy enough to sign up for a 2 mile run tomorrow in Gainesville (good wholesome fun with my friend Lauren for homecoming), a 5K on Thanksgiving morning (yes, I'll still be cooking the turkey no worries!), and another 5K in December (I just liked the name - "Reindeer Run") when I'm not a big fan of running!


  1. Good for you Kate! We'll be watching and cheering on your progress!

    K + A

  2. You go gurl! Dee the trainer would be so proud!

  3. Good luck with the tri! Wears me out just thinking about it!

    Hope all is well down there. I'll be in Gainesville for the game Saturday. Staying with Greg Harrell in Ocala.