Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A brisk bike ride...

No worries, I did my workout this morning... I'm just posting later in the day today. Today was a 30 minute bike ride and about 14 miles long in mid40 degree weather. It was a good ride and very cool to see a mist rising from the water retention ponds in the neighborhood (evidently the water was warmer than the air)... rather Halloween like. The drawback? I should have opted for the sweats! I was wondering toward the end of the ride why my leg muscles were so tight today. Turns out they were cold! When I got home and went inside, I realized that my legs were freezing (even to the touch). So, perhaps my "I'll get to hot if I wear sweats" thought before the ride was a little silly. I stretched out really well to make sure that I didn't pull anything, but I have learned my lesson!

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