Friday, October 24, 2008

Go Gator Gallop Go!

It was a dark and stormy day... okay, it wasn't dark but grey and it wasn't stormy just rainy... but still! Today I ran in the Gator Gallop with my good friend Lauren. We got up and got ready, set up chairs along the parade route (it's Homecoming weekend at UF), had an egg with cheese and toast & some water, and then walked 2 miles to the UF track. We signed in and got our t-shirts, did a good bit of talking and stretching, and then they shot the starting gun! (3 minutes early, but hey. I wasn't in charge.)

I met my goal of running the entire 2 miles without walking once. I may be slow, but (using my best Forrest Gump impression) I was RUNNING! I finished in 22:21, which is a little over 11:10 per minute. So, I was pretty happy... I may not be fast but I ran the whole time. : ) Then we walked a bit to cool down before we sat and watched the parade. It was a little disappointing because a few floats (including Albert and Alberta) chickened out because of the rain. What's a little rain? By the end of it, we were rather stinky and wet. So, we picked up Lauren's soon to be step-daughter, Lexi, who was in the parade with her gymnastics team (she was doing cartwheels, walk overs and splits all down the parade route and is cute as can be!) and then headed to publix for a sub and an apple and then headed back to Lauren's for a well deserved shower. PEEE UUUUU! I was one smelly girl!

But happy all the same because I met my 2 goals for the race: 1) finish and 2) run the entire race! (Yes, I know. I aim rather high don't I?)

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