Thursday, October 23, 2008

Another day in the Pool

It was supposed to be a running day, but I'm running in the 2 mile Gator Gallop in Gainesville, FL tomorrow as part of UF's homecoming festivities so I decided to switch tommorrow's schedule swim with today's scheduled run. The pool was actually warmer today than yesterday, but then it was probably about 10 degrees warmer outside this morning than yesterday morning too. It's Florida, folks, it doesn't stay cool for long in these here parts!

I tore up the pool today too (or at least it felt that way at the time). I did a quarter of a mile in about 9 minutes flat and a half mile in about 17 minutes. Watch out Michael Phelps! HAHAHAHAHA! To give you an idea of how slow that is, the women's world record in the 400m is 4:01.53 and in the 800m is 8:16.22. So basically half my time. Of course, now I'm wondering if the pool is as small as I think it is and maybe I'm swimming more than I think at a time... I'll have to get out the yard stick and get back to you. There is the possibility that I am just that slow, though.

Today, I'm having lunch with someone I met through the Alpha Xi Delta Alumnae Association here in Orlando and then this evening I'm driving to Gainesville to hang out with my friend Lauren and run in Gator Gallop with her tomorrow. GO GATORS! When I get home Friday afternoon, we'll be taking the girls to a movie on the lawn here in our neighborhood. Bill couldn't be more excited because the movie is "Back to the Future" one of his all time favorites. So, if you need to find me the next few days try my cell!

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