Friday, October 31, 2008

Ladybug fought the playground and the playground won...

Hi, all. Sorry for the lack of an entry yesterday, but I never quite was able to work out and we had a little trauma in our household. It was cold enough yesterday morning that Mr. Darcy told me he didn't want me to swim until it warmed up a little because he didn't want me getting sick (it was 46 out), so I decided to workout on my lunch break. Well, fate it would seem had other plans. I got a call around 10:30 am yesterday from daycare and Ladybug had slipped while playing with Angelfish on the jungle gym thing (which is made of plastic) and hit her head a little bit on the way down. She hit it just right and somehow had a gash on her face below her eyebrow (right where her brow bone is). So, in a panic I went to get her and take her to the emergency clinic the pediatrician's office suggested since none of the doctors who do stitches were in the office at that time. When I got there it didn't look all that bad but it was open (although it wasn't gushing blood like I thought it would be) so I took her to the clinic. They were great with her, but it was a bit traumatic (probably more so for me in the long term than for her) because they had to strap her arms and legs down on to a board (it looked like a blue papoose) and her head had to be strapped a certain way so that they could get the liquid stitches where they needed to be without getting in her eye or her touching it. But Mighty Ladybug is strong enough that she could bust out, so I had to hold her hands down too while blowing on her face while they were putting the liquid stitches on. The whole time she was crying and yelling "I don't like it Mommy." When they cleaned out the area before doing the stitches, I saw how deep the gash was and I almost started crying but didn't want to scare her. Other than a huge black eye (it's not swollen shut but it's pretty bad) and the steristrips on her face, it's ok now and she was in a good mood today and went to school in her Daisy Duck costume. A different type of cardio work out.

Today was a run day, so after we got the girls in the car finally (poor Mr. Darcy was rather late to work today) I went for a 20 minute session. I walked 5 minutes, ran 10 and walked another 5. It's a slow build up but it's a good one all the same. Eventually I'll be able to go longer. We know I can run 22 minutes if I need to, but they say the slow build is better for building the longer distances. I have the day off today, so in a few minutes I'm heading to daycare for the Halloween parade and the girls' Halloween parties, then I'm going to do a little shopping, have lunch and go to the bike shop to get some things (like a tire change kit, lights, etc.) that I need/want to make riding a bit easier and enjoyable. Tommorrow is scheduled to be a 45 minute ride and I may do an hour to make up for missing yesterday... we shall see.

Happy Halloween everybody!

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