Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tired Swimmer

Note to self: it is not beneficial for training to stay up until 11 pm when your swim workout is around 7 am... aka you need to be up and eating breakfast around 5:30 am. I didn't quite make the 5:30 am wake up. I was, however, up and eating by 5:50 am. And it is now that I am questioning my sanity. Why ever did I think it would be ok if I kept reading?

The swim itself was good, but now I am tuckered out and am only on my lunch break before my conference call starts. A nap would be in order, but I'm all out of luck on that one. Not to mention that tomorrow is Valentine's Party Day at daycare and we have to bring cookies, valentines and pullups into school (pullups just for our munchkins), which means I can't sneak a short nap in before picking up the girls at daycare either because, well, I forgot to buy the cookies and pullups when I was at the grocery yesterday. As Angelfish said yesterday "You crazy Mommy Kate!" (I was being rather silly at the time.)

Swimming was good. One of the drills was to breathe every 5 strokes... evidently, I need more lung capacity because it was hard. The irony is that occasionally I will swim part of a lap breathing every 5 just because I feel like it, but when I had to do it the breathing was a bit painful. But then I could return to breathing every 3 or 4 like usual and I was a happy little fish. Better lung capacity would be awesome. I actually have wished I had gills before because then I'd never have to worry about running into the wall when I lose track of how fast I'm going and when I am almost at the wall. It doesn't happen often, but I do sometime breathe a little too close to the wall and then think I have room for a few more strokes and bam my arm smacks the side of the pool. Not the brightest, but so it is. But the sound of the water and the pattern of breathing was definitely peacefully intoxicating this morning. Stress, what stress? At least until I get back to the house to start my work day (I work from home) and I see all the laundry I failed to fold!

Oh and yes, the hunger continues as does the eating. Although I will say that I did not wake up ravenous this morning like I have in mornings past. Perhaps it was all that food I ate yesterday! But like clockwork, after my "2nd breakfast" as I like to call it, 3 hours later I was hungry again. And now, creeping up on 2 1/2 hours later, I can feel the hunger coming on again. I guess that's why I'm supposed to eat all this stuff! Luckily it's all pretty healthy, although if anyone has ideas on how to get the right number of calories while eating eggs without as much fat in them, please let me know! The egg beaters would be great, but there's hardly any calories in them and I'm not quite in the mood for eating 2 cartons to make up for it.

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