Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A lovely few days...

This weekend was quite lovely. Saturday started early with a 15 mile bike and 1 mile run (I did not walk for one second), followed by a nutrition talk about fueling while training and doing the triathlon. Then I rushed home to go to Disney, only to discover that everyone else in the house was in the need of a nap... which I secretly was happy about because I too really wanted a nap. Evidently, we all needed our sleep because the liliputians, their parents and their Grammie all ended up taking a nice 3 hour nap... completely unheard of for around these parts! Then Grammie was very sweet and let Mr. Darcy and I go on a date. We had a wonderful time talking without interruptions over sushi and a glass of Bonzai (plum wine with a shot of warm sake - very yummy!), and then attempted to go see Slumdog Millionaire. But, we were too late to see the movie, couldn't find anything else that looked appealing enough to spend the $20 on, and wandered over to a bike shop and the Best Buy... leaving without purchases. So we headed to the rental store and rented "Righteous Kill" (which was rather good, but I was able to guess the ending - but worth it because I really like Al Pacino and Robert DiNero) and a western that I keep forgetting the nameof. When we got home around 9 pm, Grammie was still singing the girls to sleep. Spoiled rotten they were! Just like Grammie's are supposed to do.
Sunday started with a visit to the ER - Ladybug's loop is officially removed and she is almost 100% healed up. Then we hit Disney. Not sure who was more excited - Grammie or the girls. But a good time was had by all! Afterwards, I went to a friend's house to watch the Oscars and had a lovely time... although I forgot how late they last and was half asleep by the time I got home.
Monday I spent in my pajamas while getting munchkins ready (with Mr. Darcy) for school, working, and saying goodbye to my MIL (aka Grammie) before she left to go back home. Grammie was a god-send for us this past week and we are forever indebted to her for her kindness not only to our dear Ladybug while she was at home, but also to us for helping around the house (the straightening every night was heavenly, as was the dishwashing and laundry) and for letting us spend a little bit of alone time together (which is not something we get to do on a regular basis). The pajamas must have been the key to my day yesterday because I only changed out of them when Mr. Darcy arrived home with the girls and I realized I needed to put on my swim suit for practice. After some fun with the little ladybugs, I was out the door and ready to swim. And swim I did! Our practice was a little longer than 1 mile, and I loved getting into the rhythm of it all and just swimming and swimming... which was good because I had to do the week's grocery shopping afterwards, but was regaled by a friend's stories about his police beat as of late. If only we could get our dear Bryan to move to Florida - the girls miss their buddy!
This evening, we run at Lake Eola, and it is Mardi Gras. Thus, I've added some thin mints to my diet for the day (the fuel for true triathlon training), along with some diet coke, and I'll be sure to have an alcoholic beverage at the end of the day. I'm giving up sweets, diet coke and alcohol for the next 40 days of lent. Always a reminder that these little things are so difficult to give up... so I'm taking a little stock of them today so I will not be missing them so terribly, which I guess is not the way it is supposed to work, but it is my plan.
(The Food of Champions.... the Thin Mint!)

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