Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Our 1st Team in Training workout...

Monday was my 1st official Team in Training workout... and it was a swim. It was a rainy blustery evening, but as we were told the only way any of our practices will be called is if (and this is a direct quote) "they make us get out of the pool because of lightening and then we'll wait 15 minutes and get back in the pool" or "cows are flying by your house."

Luckily, the pool was heated although it definitely was not the 82 degrees they claimed it would be... but still better than the air temperature! It was a pretty easy swim practice... I may have done about 1/2 a mile at most, but it was probably good for me since I did my triathlon the day before and my legs are a little sore today from the tri (they felt really good while swimming though). I think they were just trying to see where we were with our swimming abilities and that they'll ratchet things up from there. The people on the Team with me seem nice and we're all a bit quiet at this point because we don't know each other, but I have a feeling that may change with time. I know I tend to be quieter at first (yes, those of you who know me probably can't remember those days) and then I come out of my shell once I get to know you just a little.

Tonight we have a group run - a 3 mile run. Which, I have to say I probably can do because well, I was able to run 2.3 miles and feel like I could go farther after I had swum 1/4 of a mile and bike 12 miles before that, but it still frightens me a little. I need to work on my mental issues about running... why is it that I don't think I can run? I ran cross-country as a high schooler and track, but I was never very good. But amazingly, I think I can run farther now than I could back then. Not sure why... but I will conquer this too. We also have a shoe clinic afterwards at a shop that supposedly will tape you some while you run to analyze your running style and then suggest a shoe for you... I'm interested in hearing what they have to say because my shoes have about 1 month left in them before I have to replace them and if I'm in the wrong type then I need to make sure that I get good ones - I want the shin splints to end! (Which, amazingly I haven't noticed them even after the triathlon Sunday. YAY!)

On the potty training front, mysterious things are at work. Ladybug has been doing pretty well, even sometimes letting us know that she has to go and then going in the potty. But Angelfish has been the surprise. Lately she has been telling us she needs to go potty and actually goes in the potty. In fact she woke me up in the middle of the night - along with her sister - because she needed to go potty, went a little in the pullup first because Ladybug beat her to the potty but then went the rest of the way in the potty, kept the pullup dry the rest of the night and went in the potty this morning. This weekend she even started to go pee in her underpants (just a tiny bit to the point that she only needed an underpants change), stopped herself, announced that she had to go potty right now, and went to the bathroom and used the potty! Miracles never cease! So, perhaps the pottying will become quiet in fashion for them both.... they are particular about which pair of underpants they wear each day, so maybe that will be the incentive!

I'll let you know how the run goes tonight. I won't even go into how intense the training schedule is because well, some of those later workouts are scary to look at right now but I'm hoping that I will be able to do them when we get to them!

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  1. Kate you are such an inspiration! Even though my shins are killng me, and my blisters seem to be growing, just reading your blog reasures me that I can keep on walking!