Friday, February 20, 2009

Me & My Shin Splints...

strolling down the ah-ven-oo. Just like the old song. Yes, my old friends the shin splints are back for a visit. I have decided to embrace them as they are a testament to my hard work and my attempt to reach new distances while running. In fact, now that I have been running as much as I am, I have found that walking doesn't suit me as exercise anymore... which is saying something for a woman who started out not only hating to run but who found running for 3 minutes straight to be a bit of a difficulty. Today I was supposed to do an easy 30 minute run, but I had planned in deference to my visitors (who are in both legs this time around, although much worse in my left leg - as usual) to walk it. I couldn't do it. I walked for 5 minutes and I couldn't walk anymore. I had the incredible, undeniable urge to run. I didn't run very fast, but I actually, amazingly had a burning desire to run. I almost asked myself "Who are you and what did you do with the real Kate?" To which I now answer, I'm a new and improved version. I'm not quite at the point where I can say that I run for fun, but I definitely can say I run for sport. I gave in, and (to borrow from Forrest Gump) I was running! I did take it a little easy. For the rest of the time, I alternated running 6 minutes and walking 2 or 3 minutes.

I had a nice chat with a neighbor at the end of my run. She likes to off road bike, but trains around town so that she can have the energy for the offroading. I hope she meant it when she said to let her know and we could go for a ride sometime because I plan to take her up on it. And then I returned to the house... to discover a story about how writing in cursive is on its way out in American society and in California is no longer a required (but encouraged) part of the curriculum. This world is turning to true insanity. People are shocked when you use please and thank you (which is already being drilled into our lovely little ladies - in fact, they are now so aware of it that if they make a declaration of a want, they often take Please on the end because they know I will make them restate the request with it incorporated). No one ever really gets together for an impromptu visit, and barely do we have interaction with one another unless it is planned and scheduled. And now the beginning of the end for cursive. As one newscaster pointed out, how will you sign your name? How will you send that thank you note or a personal note (oh yeah, I forgot, people aren't doing that these days either... except for me and a handful of ladies that I know)? A computer thank you note is not acceptable, and for some things neither is printing. Cursive is a staple of a more gentile society. It is a little slower, and allows you to thoughtfully express yourself by keeping you from rushing through just like everything else we do these days. We must band together, my friends!

On to another topic before my head explodes. Ladybug is doing much better and I am hopeful that her loop will be removed Sunday morning. In fact, Ladybug and Grammie are out shopping or at the park (I'm not sure which won out) and will return for lunch (which I hope will be soon because I'm super hungry!). We plan to visit Disney tomorrow after I return from my morning workout. I'm sure I will be falling asleep on our way back! : ) But it will be much fun! I cannot decide who is more excited at the moment - Angelfish, Ladybug or Grammie!

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