Friday, February 6, 2009

Bike Shop Temptation, New Shoes & a Head Cold

Last night our TNT team had a flat tire clinic at a bike shop (wonderful owners and staff - Advanced Cycles down by the airport - they didn't even tease me too much about my kickstand and removed it for free), and the temptation was overwhelming. Gorgeous, fast, aerodynamic bikes calling my name and begging me to buy them. I am now completely in love with a Fuji Aloha 1.0 (although I'd be happy with the 2.0, it's less expensive sister, too). It screams RIDE ME, YOU COULD BE FAST ON ME!

See what I mean? There's just no competition between these and my Trek 7000 Hybrid that I've fixed up with handles so I can curl a little in an attempt to be aerodynamic, and pedals that work with shoe clips, and a different seat that is more comfortable to me, etc.

Don't get me wrong. I still love my bike with all its faults, but I would REALLY love one of those Fuji's. But much like the Pigeon in Angelfish & Ladybug's book Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, I will have to love the bikes from a far. The $2,400 and $1,600 MSRP is a little outside of my price range at the moment. Plus, Mr. Darcy wants to make sure that I'm going to stick with all this triathlon stuff... and I can understand his reservations, but mainly because I can't expect him to feel the same way I do about the training and the way the triathlon seems to stretch the self... how you can power yourself to do things that you don't think you can do or that sound really far until you do it. I love that it rearranges the way I see myself. I used to view myself as a moderately out of shape wife and mother of 2. Now just with one triathlon under my belt, I see myself as a wife and mother of 2 who not only loves the joy she gets out of the triathlon competition and the training, but is a good example for her children and hopes that they will want to do something like this too as they get older (2 1/2 is a little early for hardcore training).

I did get a computer for my bike and some leg warmers (not like the 80s) though. I wanted to get slicks, but they didn't have the size that would work with my rims. I can't wait to use the computer... but I need to read the manual before tomorrow morning's bike ride. We almost bought a $10,000 (yes, 10K) bike too because I brought the girls with me thinking that Mr. Darcy could meet us and it wouldn't take super long and we'd be able to spend some time together. Well, Angelfish obviously has some of her mother's genetics because she went to the sleekest, fastest looking (and also the most expensive) bike in the store and started circling the pedals around and said "what this? make it go fast!" I, of course, told her no, took her away from the bike and swallowed my stomach back down to where it belonged. The girls loved the bike shop but had good time with Daddy at Chipotle next store before it became apparent that the clinic was going to take a good while and they headed home. But, I learned to change a flat tire! Luckily there are 2 more flat tire clinics also, so I can hopefully get that ingrained into my brain before race day and/or before I get my 1st flat tire.

Last night I did not sleep well, and it was not due to the vision of bikes in my head... it was the head cold that was attacking. Nothing like waking up because you can't breathe through your nose and you have to force yucky stuff out so you can try again. Turns out my Mom came down with this same cold the day after my triathlon... so that's probably where I got it! But, undeterred I hit the gym to try out my new kicks! (It was in the low 30s at best so no running in the neighborhood for me, especially with my head as stuff as it is!) Mr. Darcy tried to convince me not to go but I remembered my old personal trainer Dee (who I miss!) telling me that if you don't have a fever it's good to sweat out a cold. So, I put on my new Brooks Glycerin 7's with their superfeet orthotics (in hopes of ending my chronic battle with shin splints) and headed to the gym (after playing with and feeding the girls... Ladybug stole half of my bowl of oatmeal!) for a 45 minute run. 45 minutes seemed daunting, and since this was supposed to be an "easy" run, I alternated 3 minutes running with 2 minutes walking for the entire time to try to take some pity on my body while it's fighting this head cold, in hopes of preventing a new set of shin splints, and to help break in my new orthotics. (I'm still trying to figure out how 45 minutes can be defined as easy... but I'm sure it is something I'll wrap my mind around eventually!) And I sweat like mad! So, let's hope that the combo of the sweating, my multivitamin, and my orange this morning that this head cold will leave as swiftly as it arrived!

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