Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The best laid plans

Today's had planned a lot of things... A 3 mile fast walk in particular, reading a book and some research I did on CDFI's, a load of laundry, general cleaning, errands, painting. Somehow, I never heard the alarm clock that Mr. Darcy had set 1 hour later than it was supposed to be set for. It is funny how a delay in your start can make you feel off balance. I got in a 1.5 mile fast walk instead since Mr. Darcy had to get to work.
Then I got the ladies ready for school and a breakfast in them, myself showered and then out the door. Upon returning, I was able to dry my hair, out on some makeup and eat some breakfast. Then I ran my errand to get the painting supplies we did not have and then I came home, prepped and taped the wall in the girls' playroom and painted. I painted an accent wall a nice blue color called "high noon." It was the first time I ever painted an entire wall by myself. It was a comedy of errors at first, although I wasn't laughing. I had the rolling brush on a paint roller that turned out to be too small because the rolling brush kept rolling partway off the roller, and to get it back on I had to use my hands which were then completely covered (palm side) with paint. I finally decided that there had to be some roller that worked. sure enough there was... It is amazing how much faster the painting went after that. I finished the wall just in time to get the kids from school. Poof. The day went just like that!
After school pick up it started to drizzle so we couldn't go to the playground (which has been our tradition and really helps the girls get out some energy before going home). Instead we went to IKEA in search of something for the girls' stuffed animals to live in. They vetoed a few ideas because the stuffed animals wouldn't be able to breathe or it wasn't pretty enough or they wouldn't feel loved in that box. I finally told them that we needed to agree on something because the animals were either going to need to be housed or give away because they were just everywhere all of the time. Suddenly they were finding a suitable home for their animals and excited about organizing them - a red bin and a blue bin are now the happy homes of the (stuffed) menagerie. We also purchased a second double bookcase exactly like one we have already because we needed balance in the room. (When I am done I will post some pictures... But not until then.). The thing still needs to be assembled and the box alone weighed 81 pounds. Luckily I have been lifting two kids who collectively weigh 88 pounds. We had a little math problem with that one and the girls correctly subtracted to find that they together weigh 7 pounds more than the box, which according to Ladybug is why "Mama is super strong!" I have to say I was amused by 3 men who were shopping together, slightly older than I am and evidently not a chivalrous bone in their bodies as they stared at me while I told the girls to stop moving the cart and step away from it all while balancing and holding this giant box. Or maybe, I just make it look that easy. : ) either way, as I tell the girls in my best Roz voice (from "Monsters, Inc."), Santa is watching always watching.
Then we battled the rush hour traffic, cooked dinner, and Ladybug and Angelfish did homework and to,d me all about how their teacher loves snow flakes and this was why their holiday party next week is a Winter wonderland theme.
I also folded a load of laundry... But somehow I need more hours in my day to get all my plans done.
Tomorrow I have a conference call and volunteering at a holiday party with some under served elementary school kids. In between that, I plan to get some exercise, straighten and clean, put together the new bookcase, get fabric for the curtains and corkboards. Sure, I can do it all!

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  1. Wow, that is one busy day!!

    Is it me, or has society become a nation of people that just stare and not help, maybe it was how I was raised, I would have helped you in the store, not just stare like those men did. Its sad. I am shocked when I hear a "your welcome" after I say thank you, instead of the usually "uh huh" or "sure"

    sorry, stepping off the soap box