Thursday, December 20, 2012

ACK, Ag, and other things....

This weekend did not go as planned on the exercise front. I think I mentioned I had been working on the girls playroom. I needed to buy some wood in Friday for the seat cushion and the new window treatment I was making. Luckily, I got my 4 mile walk in that morning because the brilliant guy who cut the wood for me put a large and heavy piece of wood standing up on the cart. I pushed it a bit through the store and then thought to myself that I didn't think it was very safe and as I went to stand next to the wood to reposition it, it did exactly what I feared.... Slipped off and smashed my toe. I was impressed with myself for not cursing (out loud) as Ladybug and Angelfish were right there. By the end of Friday evening, it was swollen and it was difficult to bend. Saturday it was black and blue but only in one line, the swelling had gone down a little but it still hurt to high heaven. So I skipped my Saturday walk, especially since I had to get that foot into heels that evening for my friend Christi's wedding.
By Saturday evening, it was better although still a bit bruised. The wedding was wonderful - I even cried a little. The best part of every wedding for me is the look of the groom's face when he sees how absolutely beautiful his soon to be wife looks. I was not disappointed! But by the end of the wedding, I needed to get out of those shoes. Luckily, it was a sit down dinner so I took my shoes off under the table. And a little wine helped the throbbing in my toe.
Sunday I went to church early and let the family sleep in... But they were up and rearing to go by the time I got home, and we ended up taking the kids to do their Christmas shopping for each other. My toe felt perfectly fine, but I decided I should make sure my toe was good for Monday.

Monday, I got up early and took my toe for a spin. 2 miles later and it was fine and it has been good ever since. After taking the girls to school, I headed to a stakeholder meeting with the Department of Agriculture, the Department of Health, Department of Family Services, and multiple nonprofits and community funders to discuss healthy food access - where the need is, what existing programs can be expanded to help with the need, and potential for what else should be done. It was great and just what I had hoped for really. We didn't get a ton done but what everyone agreed upon as parameters and definitions is a wonderful start to actually doing something (even if it takes awhile) about healthy food access. I was a bit shocked when one of the players said to me that when we were introduced he did not realize that I was "THE 'TriMommy'" who was responsible for getting the state agencies to actually come to the table on the issue, and then proceeded to thank me for what I have been doing and continue to do. It was a little odd because I don't even think of it that way. I think of it in terms of justice, I guess. It makes no sense to me that Florida is the state that feeds the country for most of every year yet we have 1 in 5 children (and in some parts of the state 1 in 4) who do not know when they will eat again and when they do eat it's junk because that's what is available to them outside of free/reduced lunch programs. I don't know how not to push to fix that. It's not something I feel like I can just walk away from as though it is not my problem. His comments felt good, yet weird because I didn't feel right about taking praise for something that it should be obvious for us as people to do.

Other Things
Tuesday was catch up from the all day meeting around the house, a bit of shopping as Mr. Darcy's Mom has reinjured a nerve in her leg somehow and is in excruciating pain. So I did their shopping for Ladybug and Angelfish's Christmas presents, and a few little errands for the house. Then to my Junior League Council meeting where we talked about the various committees and their progress, needs, etc. it is wonderful to work with a group of ladies who believe in the community programs we are running, and who do their best. It makes my VP of Community position much easier. : ). Plus I really enjoy all of them, so we always have a nice social part after the meeting too. Oh, and I got my walk in - 2 miles - taking the kids to school.

Yesterday, Mr. Darcy through a wrench in my plans. He set the alarm (when I was already asleep) for 6:30 am instead of 5:30 am, and I must have been tired because I didn't hear it going off until about 7 am. So I fully intended to find a way to get at least 2 miles in if not more. But I had a big to do list... Christmas is officially completed other than grocery shopping and cooking. Wrapped and all. Toilets, tubs, counters are sparkling. I had a wonderful lunch with a friend, and misread my watch causing me to arrive at the girls school about 7 minutes after school ended but thanks to the long pick up line (and my prayers to let me get there for the girls with no problems) disaster was averted, and we had fun at the park afterwards. Then we did some homework and made magical bath sea salts and peppermint sugar scrubs for family presents. The girls then entered into World War III over nothing, and argued the entire rest of the evening. Santa registered his dismay by calling me about it so I could relay the message to cool it to the girls, which has worked pretty well for now. The walk however never happened.

This morning I had an entire conversation in my head, which evidently took 9 minutes as that is the time between alarm and snooze sounding, about whether to stay in bed because it might be "cold" outside and to do yoga or to get up and walk. Well, the walk won. 5:30 am I was out the door and hustled a nice 4 mile walk - the winning argument being that if it was super cold, I'd just go as far as I could take it but since I missed the day before and had toe issues this weekend I really couldn't justify staying in bed AND I knew full well that I wouldn't have time to do yoga if I slept in.

The walk was awesome, actually. I saw a family of 5 "reindeer" traipsing through the neighborhood, as well as the rabbit I keep seeing (who I refer to as the Easter Bunny to the girls and who usually has another rabbit with him, but not today), a neighbor I met when waiting the 2 1/2 hours to vote I the presidential election, a wild boar (who luckily stayed in the underbrush while grunting angrily), a bird who must have been confused because it was singing next to a street light while it was still pitch black out, and then ended with the 5 deer all together instead of spread out throughout the neighborhood. Pretty cool walk and fun to talk about with the ladies who decided that the bird was signaling the reindeer that I was coming so their return to Santa's sleigh to fly back to the North Pole would not cause any magical incidents with me seeing "too much" and that the Easter bunny was simply helping Santa out with the last minute check ins. I love having such imaginative kiddos!

Once I got them off to school, I headed to Sanford for the Seminole County Legislative Delegation Meeting so we could voice our need for support for the initiatives as they arise for healthy food access and to keep them abreast of the fact that we are working with state agencies on the issue, which was much more positively received this year than it was last year. Progress, even if small, is progress! I got out of that earlier than I expected so I ran to get some random sale items - candles and gift bags (70% off sale). Then lunch with Mr. Darcy and on to the girls' winter holiday party at school, where they built snow scenes out of marshmellows and such and then were allowed to devour them. To say the least I let them play at the park for an hour afterward. They needed to burn off some calories!

Tomorrow I have a big list of chores and errands, and I plan to get either a 3 or 4 mile walk in as well. Goal is to be able to enjoy the weekend leading up to the holidays, prepare for reading at church on Christmas, and be rested to cook the Polish Wiglia dinner after evening service on Christmas Eve and prepare for Santa's deliveries and the arrival of my parents. I can't wait! I plan to get in my necessary walks too...

What are your holiday plans?

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