Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3 = 2 miles

This weekend I started the mile challenge from 140 Point 6 (see side bar of Blogs to read)... One mile (minimum) everyday in the day of December. I have to admit that I am thrilled that one mile of fast walking is much easier than I thought. Going from long distances and 6x per week workouts to sitting on your keister except for the occasional yoga hour for a period of two years, makes me both appreciative and feeling a little pathetic. I remember when 2 miles (jogging not walking) was a warm up. But I am glad to be getting back into the swing of things.
The weekends are definitely the hardest because I like having two days with less structure than Monday through Friday, but I did a hike on Saturday with Mr. Darcy during the girls' tennis lesson and then an aborted trip to the playground with Angelfish on Sunday who was all for the walk until she changed her mind because she got frustrated because her shoe kept falling off when she would try to race me (interval training at its finest...Angelfish is the "fastest girl" in her class at PE but she is only 3rd fastest over all, and she is itching to beat those 2 boys who are faster. When your competition is about 4 inches taller though... But trying to explain gait length to a 6 1/2 year old isn't always easy.) and insisted (ironically at the 1/2 mile point) that she wanted to go home instead.
Today, day 3, I announced that we would be walking to school (0.95 mi in one direction). I ended up carrying their backpacks - who knew they were so heavy! No wonder Ladybug hates to race while carrying her backpack (that and I think she is a slow twitch runner like her Momma slow and distance, whereas Angelfish is fast and shorter distance like Mr. Darcy). Our original deal was that while I am searching for my next position in the world of nonprofit orgs, we would walk in the mornings and car ride in the afternoon (which was Ladybug's insistence to ensure she was comfortable with the pick up process & completely silly because we go to the playground for 1/2 an hour to 45 minutes after school before going home for homework etc.). So now we're simply implementing. My idea is that I will walk this week (on the way home I kicked it up to the point I was walking so quickly that I was seriously winded) and then I'll start the running next week, probably 3/1s to start and simply add a mile each week (as in 2 miles each day, then 3 miles each day, etc.) until I am doing 5 or 6 miles daily.
After i got home from the walk, I did some cleaning - straightening, cleaning, countertops, and then swept and vacuumed the house and did a load of laundry. Then I hit the web looking for my next potential career move. Next was a conference call for Junior League about the fiscal cliff, the potential for doing away with the charitable deduction for donations, and the importance of advocacy by nonprofit entities. More Junior League stuff for the community council (I'm VP of Community this year) as we have our Breakfast with Santa this Saturday and some other things for our other community programs, not to mention my monthly report was due. Which made me remember by National Director report was due too. I'm the National director of Communications for my sorority, so I chatted with my wonderful staff liason at headquarters, turned in my report, and then with my staff member decided that we would not have our team conference call this month because December is hectic enough. Made a doctor's appointment (annuals check up time) and moved my hair appointment to Friday. Attempted to attend another conference call on behalf of Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida for more on the fiscal cliff and the protection of the charitable deduction plus threats to SNAP funding (aka emergency food benefits or the old food stamps) in federal farm bill... Yup, I'm on SHFB's Board of Directors and head its Government Relations committee. But they moved the call last second to 3 pm when I had a meeting at the school for Angelfish and needed to pick the little ladies up.
Tomorrow, I am looking forward to doing a little bit of weights before I walk the ladies to school, some light cleaning, lunch with a friend, more job searching, time with the kids and then a Junior League Board Meeting/Holiday party... To which I think I will bring cranberry Brie, grapes and crackers. Which means I need to also add a trip to the grocery in there. Oh and I hope to write the annual Xmas letter and do some research about community bank investing in. Food access projects. : )
I guess Angelfish is right, it is "unfair" that I get to do what I want all day. Now if only I could get someone to pay me for my superhero work, all would be aligned in the universe!

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