Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching up...

On so many things really... Just because I haven't blogged doesn't mean I stopped doing my return to fitness challenge. After my hike with the groceries, Wednesday I did a 2 mile walk, Thursday a 3 mile walk (in exactly 45 minutes on the dot), Friday I ran the mile (w 3 walking points) which sadly showed how out if shape sitting behind a desk for 2 years with little exercise can make you, Saturday I slept through my walk after breakfast with Santa and while watching a movie with the kiddies (at least I am honest) and then had a friend's party to go to, Sunday (yesterday) I planned to run my mile but my leg muscles were so incredibly tight even after stretching that I did a fast walk (14 minutes), and today I alternated running and walking 1 mile due to joint pain in my ankles. I plan to do a 3 mile walk tomorrow. I am enjoying getting moving again even if it is only in small increments.
I also decided to do a fruit/veggie juice cleanse this week. I know it may sound odd, but someone about that idea is really calling me as a way to cleanse out all the stress of the past few months and to let me start anew. I am doing the juicer method so I know what is in my juice. I am doing it for all meals except dinner, when I am going to eat some food, although I am considering avoiding the meat for this week. I am starting it today and will finish on Saturday. Depending on how I am feeling I may move up to the smoothie cleanse (basically adding protein powder in) or just return to clean food eating.
In the past week I have realized how completely insane my schedule used to be and why I am having a little bit of a hard time sitting still... My body is trained at this point to constantly have another thing to do and not ever ramp down. I am working on this in particular. Letting myself relax. It sounds funny, but it is really hard. That at being present in every moment. I am trying hard to be still both mentally and physically and working on forgiving someone in particular (no, not Mr. Darcy) while not knowing whether the person even cares if I forgive her.
The girls have been a hoot. They had kids night out at their old daycare and had a blast (full of sugar too) while Mr. Darcy and I had a great time with some wonderfully dear friends - I haven't laughed that hard in awhile! Saturday morning we took the ladies to Junior League's Breakfast with Santa which was a ton of fun. The girls loved on Santa and Mrs. Claus, Angelfish whispered her list in his ear so no one else (probably meaning her sister) would take her ideas. Ladybug told him the same list she had written at home. : )
My favorite thing the girls said this weekend was one if those overheard moments.
Angelfish: How do you draw that so good?
Ladybug: oh, you know, YEARS of practice!
Angelfish: I've had the exact same number of years of practice as you have!
The other was when Santa asked Angelfish where she got her freckles and she responded, "God put them there, of course!"
And now I am off to get a few things from the store. Mainly distiller whit vinegar which evidently is natures wonder cleaner. Oh and some paint and stuff because I decided to redo the girls playroom. Same furniture (although I am going to paint some of it), be revamped and reconfigured. I've wanted to do something different for awhile now, and I hope to have it done before Christmas!

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  1. KATE!!!!! How are you!! Spent some time reading over your post. Congrats on the new career, that is awesome. Welcome back to blogging