Saturday, December 1, 2012

December begins!

It is hard to believe that it is December 1st already. Time has flown by to the point I think I may have stepped into a time warp around May as that seems to be the last time frame I can clearly remember. To say the least things were much too busy.
Today was wonderful... And it's not over yet! The girls are very excited that it is the first day of December and the official count down to Christmas can begin. We put an ornament on one of our Advent calendars and opened the flap on another. Ladybug and I made some fudge and then we all headed to the girls' tennis lesson. While they were in their lesson, Mr. Darcy and I took the chance to do a 1 mile hike (it may have been a little more than a mile but not more than 1.25) through a park that the courts are in. Day 1 of challenge complete! I also took a picture for Day 1 of my photo challenge too. : ) When we got home, Angelfish and I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies while Mr. Darcy mowed the lawn. Later we will "elf" two of our friends (leave goodies, ring door bell and run!), which I have been looking forward to for days! In a few minutes the outdoor lights will be hung and the Darcy homestead shall be lit for the first time this Christmas season. If you haven't guessed, I love Christmas time and this year I have time to really enjoy it. I hope to make the most of it! I am contemplating trying to convince the family to do the annual viewing of "It's a Wonderful Life." I have watched that movie (my favorite) every year of my life from the time I was 8 (possibly before, but that is the first year I can remember watching it). Jimmy Stewart looks a little like my Dad, in my opinion (My cousin on the other hand used to say he looked like Gomer Pile...). Anyway. It is my favorite Christmas movie... But since I can quote it and often recite lines during the viewing, it's not always Mr. Darcy's favorite. I will have to bribe the kids with popcorn... Hmmm. I'm formulating my plan now. Tee hee.
Oh and I've been reading my old blogger friends recent posts... Still good as always! A few no longer blog which makes me sad that I cannot just pop in on them (metaphorically in the digital sense of course). I am amazed at life changes - new babies, new races, new thoughts. Funny what happens when you are not looking in life.
And one last thought... And if anyone is reading, I'd love to know your thought about this too. This Summer I donated bone marrow, but opted not to disclose information about myself to the recipient. I found out just before thanksgiving that the transfer grafted wonderfully and the man was home with his family doing well for the holidays. I cried tears of true joy knowing I was his last chance and it worked. My initial thought is still that I want to be unanimous because I want it to be a true gift - not to be about me in any sense. Yet I find myself wanting to send him a Christmas card, wishes for the season. But an unsigned Christmas card sent through the blood center seems odd too. Any thoughts on how for reconcile the two? My guess is I'll send my thoughts through the universe to deliver in its own way and that will be the best result. For it truly is a Wonderful Life.

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