Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Princess 1/2 Marathon...small correction

So the official results were posted today.  And I have a small correction on my time.  The official time was 2:46:01, 7 seconds faster than I thought I did.  I'll go with the official time, since it was faster!  The average pace per mile was about the same.

5K split: 37:34 (12:07 mile pace)
10K split 1:16:11 (12:17 mile pace)
15K split: 1:55:33  (12:25 mile pace)
total: 2:46:01 (12:40 mile pace)

To say the least, I did not negative split and definitely slowed down a good bit in those last 4 miles.  But I have to say, my hip flexors were definitely killing me those last 4 miles especially.  I don't know if I should have run faster to start with or whether the wheels would have just flown off the bus if I did that.

But all in all for my 1st stand alone 1/2 Marathon, I'm pretty pleased.  It would be awesome to be able to run the Women's 1/2 Marathon in November at under a 12:00 mile pace.  But we'll just have to see what happens....

Baby steps first, right?  Next up St. Anthony's!


  1. despite the hip flexors, you kept on truckin'. that's all that matters. a negative split is waiting for you at the women's half in november.