Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting it Together

We have returned from beautiful Sarasota.  If the jobs were as good as the schools there, I would live there in a New York minute. Of course, Mr. Darcy might object as it is farther from his parents, but you would think the beach would be enough to tempt him.  Those beautiful white sands and the gorgeous blue green water is enough to make anyone want to simply become a beach bum.

We spent a good bit of Saturday with Mr. Darcy entertaining the children while my Dad and I got the travel arrangements together for Saturday's memorial service.  It took us a bit longer than I had hoped because Delta kept telling us the fares we were opting for were sold out... the 1st 4 times we tried the booking.  In a bit of irony, my parents airfare ended up being less expensive than the 1st 4 times we tried.  Of course then we got a bit tense because we realized they hadn't assigned seats when we booked.  I went back in and was able to get seat assignments for 2 of the 4 flights involved, and eventually Dad ended up calling Delta directly and they gave seat assignments for the other 2 flights and re-confirmed their flights and seats.  Once that was done, I worked on flights for Mr. Darcy and I.  That took some doing too and I was already tense.  Flights short term are (of course) rather expensive, and Mr. Darcy's comment "Do I really need to go?"  truly upset me.  Granted $432 plus taxes for a flight is rough, but I really wanted and needed him to be there to support me and my family.  I've been feeling rather alone lately as it is, so to go with my parents only was do-able but seemed even more isolating for some reason.  He explained that he preferred to go but it was a money issue.  I was feeling like I needed to be more important than money, but looking back today I see his point about the money.

Luckily, we were able to work it out anyway.  For some reason when I first searched from Jacksonville, which is near where the Darcy Seniors live, it came back as $800 per flight.  But when we went to US Air's website and did the Jacksonville search we got flights for $382 including tax.  So we saved a little and it will be easier on the Darcy Seniors to watch the little ladies while we are gone because we will bring the girls to them.  Mr. Darcy told me on the way home yesterday he has to work late this coming Thursday night for a deadline, so I guess it's a good thing our flight is late in the day on Friday as we'll have to drive to the Darcy Seniors Friday morning.

After the flights, I took care of the car rental and the hotel reservation.  Using the web is hard for my parents, so my taking care of it for them really was the best all around.  Plus, we bought a GPS this weekend (YAY!) so we'll be able to bring that with us and use it to get around the lovely Garden State of New Jersey.

So the plans are set there.  It's funny how it weighs on my mind even though it is "far off" into the week.  That's how grief works, though.

I missed my Tri season opener on Saturday to be in Sarasota, but I honestly was okay with it and felt like I was right where I needed to be. 

This will be a bit of a busy week, but then when is it not? And the busy-ness of it all may be a good distractor for me.  Tonight is swim practice; tomorrow a bike trainer workout (lets hope we do not have a repeat of my last attempt with the trainer), conference call and Junior League; Wednesday conference call and track workout; Thursday a swim, a doctor's appointment and packing everyone up. Friday I'm going to try to get my Saturday workout done on Friday before we leave - 25 mile bike and 5 mile run. I plan to get up EARLY for this one and if it's too dark I may have to do the 25 mile bike at the Y (the trainer is out because the Little Ladies can wake up and then want to play with the trainer while I'm on it - I always envision missing fingers). I figure I can sleep either on the way to the Darcy Seniors while the girls watch a video in the car and Mr. Darcy drives, or I can wait and sleep on the plane.   If possible on Saturday, I'll do some weights in the morning before the memorial service. Sunday will be the rest day.  Ah yes, the plan.  I really want to stick to it because I feel like I need the happy distraction.

We'll see how it works out.  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and Happy Training!


  1. Sounds like loads of travel. Best wishes on it all. :o)

  2. Happy distractions are always great

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