Thursday, March 4, 2010

Migraine Mutterings

I woke up this morning and it was amazing.  It actually said 6:35 am on the clock.  Turns out I overslept a little, but the amazing part was it was the 1st time I had woken up!  Last night was the 1st night in I can't remember when that I didn't wake up in the middle of the night.  Of course, I had been up since 3:25 am the morning before, had track practice in the evening, and fell asleep while watching DVR'd American Idol and did wake up to go to bed (and I think I talked to Mr. Darcy a few minutes in there some too) before going back to sleep.  But still, the perhaps 10 minutes around 11:30 am was nothing.  Essentially a full night of sleep!

I was ecstatic, except I still wasn't filled with energy and as I would discover a few hours later, I was weepy today.  I hate being weepy.  I am not a crier and I actually find it annoying.  But I'm making the most of it.

I had lunch with Mr. Darcy today, which was nice.  We got to talk some and ended the lunch with a little laugh about Angelfish and Ladybug.  Last night after we put the girls to bed and they were allegedly sleeping while we watched American Idol, we heard a little rustling and figured it would be Ladybug.  A few seconds later, we see the top of a head, slowly followed by a forehead, eyes and a nose, a mouth and a chin.  Just long enough to recognize Angelfish and then she popped her head back around the corner.  Just her head.  No other body parts.  It was as though she were slowly sticking her head out to see if she'd get in trouble.  We couldn't help but laugh, which of course resulted in Angelfish reappearing - this time with the rest of her body - laughing and waving at us.  And just as I was going to snuggle up with her and let her watch tv for about 2 minutes before shooing her back to bed, Ladybug yelled for Angelfish who responded "with Mommy and Daddy!" and then Ladybug and Bear appeared around the corner and Mr. Darcy got the ladies back in bed... well, at least back in their room where they played dress up in their closet, pretended to read by the light of the night light, and made up stories for each other in the dark until they finally went to sleep.  And then this morning they asked if they could have a few more minutes of sleep!  Those stinkers.  I really wish that they didn't make them take naps at daycare... we don't have them nap on the weekend, and they go to bed so much easier!

But once they were out the door, it was yoga time.  As Coach told me to skip the bike and just do yoga, I did one 30 minute session for legs and back and another 30 minutes session that was supposedly just for the lungs but was great for loosening my hips too.  I love yoga.  I am not nearly as flexible as I used to be before the whole endurance athlete endeavor began, but I still love it.  Tonight I'm hoping to use my Trigger Points... and then I'll do the Thursday Test Drive on Friday.  I wanted to do it last night so I could get in a 2nd use before doing the Test Drive, only to discover that a small person has hidden the lower leg thingy.  I know it was a small person because they were playing with them the other day... sigh.  I'll find it tonight, I'm sure.  Maybe I'll get them to help me find it after they clean up the mess they made while playing dress up in their closet last night...

Tomorrow is a 3 mile easy paced run, keeping my HR in zone 1&2.  I always laugh at that.  It's next to impossible for me to run in zone 1.  My HR while running is NEVER in zone 1.  Okay, well, it's in zone 1 for about 10 - 20 seconds when I start my run, and then it's zone 2 or higher.  I can walk in zone 1, run in zone 2, and usually hit zone 3 if I'm not running super slow.  I've definitely improved since last year, though.  I can at least run in Zone 2 now.  Slowly, but still.  Last year, I could only walk in Zone 2. 

I'm looking forward to my 1/2 Marathon, but at the same time, I think I'm kind of looking at it as another long workout.  The family won't be going to watch or cheer me on since Disney requires you to be in your corral at 5:30 am meaning you have to get down there by 4 am, which means I'll be leaving the house around 3:15am.  Mr. Darcy and 3 1/2 year olds don't really do 3 am departure times (heck, I'm not thrilled about it either).  nor races that potentially are around 2:40 long.  My goals are:
E. Finish
D. Finish in an upright position
C. Finish in an upright position with a smile on my face. 
B. Finish in an upright position with a smile on my face in less than 2:51 (13 minute mile pace)
A. Finish in an upright position with a smile on my face in less than 2:40 (12 minute mile pace).
A1 (secret goal, shhh. don't tell anyone) Finish in an upright position with a smile on my face in less than 2:30 (11 minute mile pace).

Let's hope that I make my A goal, but 2:26:31 was the 12.1 miles I did the other week.  Add one more mile at 12 minute pace and that's 2:38:31.  Doable, but for whatever reason, I seem to go slower in races or in group practices even than I do on my own.  Not sure if it's performance anxiety or what, but I'm hoping to just get in my 5/1 zone and keep on moving like I do when on my own, since in a way I kind of feel like I'm running the race on my own despite knowing several others doing the race as well.  Whatever it is, I hope to be just as fast if not faster than I have been on my own.  A sort of secret goal (well, I guess it's out of the hat now) is to do it in under 2:30 (an 11 minute mile pace).  We can call that A1, I guess.  But I'm not wanting to put too much stock in that goal just because I would rather be thrilled with my 1st 1/2 marathon time than be kicking myself for not making my A goal.  Of course, the point of goals is to push yourself....okay, so I went back and added it above.  Hope you're enjoying my migraine induced discussion with myself... yep, migraine central right now.  Off to drink a whole bunch of water and see if I can find some excedrine migraine... or at the very least to call Mr. Darcy and add it to his list for the way home - pick up the girls AND some migraine medicine.  Blinking lights that blur your left eye a little are not conducive for picking up children.  Poor Mr. Darcy.  I may even need him to cook dinner tonight. Ugh.

Off to rest my brain.  Have a good night!


  1. Sounds like you need a rest! I'm exhausted just reading. The half mary will be great, I have no doubt.

  2. I am tired from just reading this, what a workout, can I log this as a cross training. Your a rock star

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