Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

I realized last night when out for my walk that I have a need for some sport competition, and I am even happier I've decided to do my personal couch to Goofy Challenge. You know you have it bad when you see someone running slowly about .2 miles ahead and you think to yourself, "at the pace I am walking, I think I can catch him." And you can't help but inwardly grin when you do.

Why I missed my morning window to do yoga is a long story involving two children who, while still having temperatures, are acting pretty healthy. Let's just say it's difficult to fully immerse yourself in yoga practice when you have comments like, "you know Mommy, the guy on tv is a lot more flexible than you are," "how much longer will this last? Scooby Doo is way more interesting," "it looks like you're eating your shirt when your in that dog thing," "would it help if i sit on your back while you do that" and my personal favorite, "what do inhale and exhale mean and why do they keep saying to do it?"

It also dawned on me that in figuring out my run pace yesterday, I included the cool down where I was walking a bit slow. So today, I did 1.9 miles during warm up & run/walk in 23 minutes which was a12:06 mi pace. With cool down, I did a total of 2.3 miles. I feel a bit better about that pace, but look forward to getting to my goal of a 10 minute mile pace. I was a bit stiff today - you may remember my chronically stiff hamstrings. At the end of the workout, I almost could audibly hear my hamstrings creaking. So I did 25 minutes of easier yoga to loosen things up. Ladybug woke up and watched me & the yoga video. Evidently Rodney Yee is not cute because he has a pony tail & it is strange that they do yoga outside. Then I stretched out my lower back and got ready for an interview.

The interview went well, but the outcome remains to be seen. A few times already I have been narrowed down to the top candidates and then it goes to someone with work experience in the nonprofit sector despite my "impressive volunteer and leadership experience." I know the right door will open at the right time. But at least in this interview the person was honest and told me that they thought I would be amazingly good in the position and she really like me, after telling me that they had other applicants who already had work experience in similar positions. Yet I feel positive that something good (and hopefully it's what I interviewed for today) will come my way.

In the meantime, I am still having fun with the ladies. Today they created a treasure hunt for me so that I would have to follow the notes they left for me around the house to find the treasure (pencils, crayons and ladybug erasers). I have missed the playground after school but when the fevers prevent attendance, the playground is out as well. (Angelfish's fever is finally gone as of today, but Ladybug's is lingering still.). We are also reading Harry Potter, well I read it out loud and they read along or listen. (Angelfish once informed me I was slow because she could read in her head faster than I could out loud.). We are already on the 4th book, which we are reading with the understanding that if anything is too scary that we will stop. Angelfish has declared that she does not like to read unless it is a science book or nonfiction, and that she only loves math and art. Ladybug on the other hand loves reading and is only ok with math. They both like science ... So I bought them a book of science experiments for kids, which they want to start doing - 1 a Saturday is their plan. But we need to build our soda can robot first.

My advocacy work is moving along slowly, although now I am not working on a bill but behind the scenes to work with government agencies to see what we can accomplish without the legislative process. We've been able to get an agreement on what a food desert is, which is a good start for figuring out where the gaps are.

That's life in the slowed down lane. I'm having a hard time getting the blog to post my replies to comments so 1) thank you for the encouragement and 2) I do not have a Tri on the calendar as of yet, but my neighbor mentioned a Tri in April that he's thinking about doing. So who knows?

What races do you have planned for the year?


  1. I just posted my 2013 race schedule, I am attempting my first 140.6 this year.

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