Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lessons/observations on the Run

Sorry it's been a bit since I last wrote... The girls had the flu for a week, despite having a flu shot. I now swear by two things as I did not get the flu after them (I had the flu shot the same time they did): mixing 1/4 tsp of cinnamon with 1 tsp of honey and eating it once or twice a day, airborne, and sleep. They're back to school, I readjusted and have been doing a few different things. Thursday, I start the Certificate of Nonprofit Management program at Rollins College's The Crummer Graduate School of Business. My first class is "Strategic Planning for Nonprofits" which should be good. I always loved school, so I plan to enjoy learning, hope to meet some people in the nonprofit world that can further help in my search, and learn things from a slightly different perspective. I came close, yet again, to another position but was down to two and the other person got the job because they had more direct work experience but they really, really liked me according to the HR person. My only question is how do I get that direct work experience until someone gives me the chance... But I know that it will all work out, it is just a matter of time.
I have been doing things for the Junior League Community Council that I head, a little bit for our headquarters move, and other stuff for the National Communications Team I lead for my sorority. Plus Time with my little ladies...

My runs and yoga have been good. Averaging just under a 12 minute mile. And when I say just under, I mean just under. This morning's average was 11:45 per mile. Sunday's was 11:55. I was really surprised at that one since I ran at 1:00 pm, which was super hot. I was drenched and dripping with sweat by the time I was done. But I am super excited about my progress thus far. Amusingly, I discovered a folder that had my certificates and awards from high school which contained my "Varsity" cross country certificate. I only got that because I was a graduating senior... I ran JV the whole year. It said my best time for a 2 mile race was 20:21, or essentially a 10:10 mile. I may be no speed racer, but I get 'er done.

There are a few things I realized while running and at moments in between:
1. My kids are funny and have a great sense of humor. Poor Mr. Darcy bears the brunt of their jokes, but Mr.Stinkypants (aka Mr. Darcy) doesn't seem to mind.
2. I like to run. I do NOT like getting out of bed to do it. It seems like I have to convince myself to get out of the bed, especially on a weekend morning.
3. My hamstrings pretend to be really old rubber bands. You know, the ones you use in a pinch and just hope it won't break on you. I keep stretching them. They'll get used to this again.
4. Yoga has to be my cross trainer right now. I walked instead of yoga on a non-run day and my lower back wasn't thrilled. Stretching works.
5. I bought Yoga Conditioning for Athletes and can't wait to do it tomorrow morning. I'm watching it as I right this, and am glad that I primarily do not look but listen to the video as I do yoga... There is a guy with a Mohawk, one ear pierced and a nipple ring. I am all for individuality and adorning your body the way you choose, but when they show him transition into certain poses I keep worrying he will catch the nipple ring...
6. Quinoa is one of our new favorite foods... Even Mr. Darcy likes it. He raved about quinoa burgers during meatless Monday dinner. And he didn't go for cheese itz later either!
7. I run without noticing time nearly as much when I run with someone. I ran with a friend last Thursday and I kept missing the 3 minute mark - we did a couple 4:1s and a 5:1 on accident.
8. This made me realize that I can do 4:1s, so starting with this morning's workout I am doing 4:1s.
9. I find myself on my runs thinking about running strategy for the Goofy Challenge, despite it being a year away. Yet when I looked at a date on my calendar in August and see a 9 mile run, I get nervous. Of course, my major running strategy is just to finish both races.
10. My bike has been calling me, but I think this year I need to be a runner.
11. It feels weird only doing one sport, although I am doing yoga too I don't necessarily see it as a sport. But it's good strength & flexibility training.
12. I'm going to need to find some 5ks and 10ks along the way, maybe a 1/2 Mary too. I need to remember what it is like to run in a race and not my neighborhood. There's a different mentally when you know where the mile marks are and when you don't.
13. Running at 5:30 am is so much better than running in the afternoons. Much to hot. Plus I am mentally more tired in the afternoon. So my talks to get myself out of bed will continue.
14. I discovered the show Downton Abbey, and a now addicted to it. I am not a tv watcher at all, so this is quite something.
15. I wish I had never stopped exercising. I absolutely feel great after every workout.

2 1/3 weeks of couch to Goofy done. 50 2/3 to go!


  1. Poor bike, calling you out, he wants to go for a ride, we shouldnt ignore our bikes, they love us, part of the family, (also a great cross training tool that might help with the running)