Saturday, January 12, 2013

Morning Revelations

1. My jeans are tight since the holidays, but I am making much better food choices and getting better at preventing stress/emotional eating and decided to delay gratification for bad stuff I might want to eat and finding that one I put it out of my mind that I don't miss not eating eat!
2. This one isn't too new. But based on the weight training I did on Wednesday, which by Thursday afternoon made it so it was hard to stand up, my abs are still relatively ok and so are my arms but my thighs need some reconditioning.
3. I am not ready for a real race... I woke up worrying about how bad my time might be at the Color Run tomorrow. Then I remembered that they don't even time the run, and it's all for fun. At every 1k they douse you with a cornstarch based paint powder... I'll be sure to wear a hat and sunglasses for protection. And enjoy the after color party with the kids and Mr. Darcy who are all going to wear white shirts to get colored up!
4. It is really important to me to have Mr. Darcy and the little ladies at my races. They are being brave and going tomorrow to the race. The girls have informed me that I am amazing for going to run a 5k. : )
5. Pancakes made with oats, cottage cheese, egg whites, cinnamon are really good! Ladybug (our resident self described foodie) finished her pancakes and announced, "Life is really too good!" Enron Mr. Darcy liked them...
6. I feel better when I don't eat things with gluten in it. Attempting to go gluten free... We'll see how it goes. They stick that stuff in everything.
7. Laying in bed, I realized that I no longer believe in "not being able to do" anything. If I want to, I will do it. I think that is what all those triathlons were about - proving to myself I could do anything and that somehow I could survive anything.
8. #7 made me think... I've Been skydiving, parasailing, done a 1/2 Mary, a 1/2ironman. But the thing that always made me say that person is crazy? The Goofy Challenge: a 1/2 Marathon on Saturday followed by a marathon on Sunday. A number of people I know have done the Goofy and some are doing the Disney 1/2 or the marathon this weekend.
9. I decided... I am doing it. Come this time January 2014, I will be doing the Goofy Challenge. It is a done deal. I even looked up training schedules already. And at the route map for this year, and at some spectator info for the family.
10. Don't think #9 scares the poo out of me. It does, and I know it. The whole "what if i train and fail?" But that' the best reason to conquer it. Plus as I said to the FB pals racing this weekend... They've already won just by showing up. Unfortunately, I know my brain, which does not work in partial victories. But that is something I too am working on.

Anyone want to join me for Goofy Challenge 2014? I have my workouts figured out for the entire year leading up to the Goofy Challenge (provided it is correct that the dates will be Jan 11-12, 2014), thanks to the Jeff Galloway website which has everything from 5k to Goofy challenge training schedules. I am doing the 5k training (with a couple weeks removed to make it work) then the 10k training and then the goofy challenge training and it leads exactly to the 2014 goofy challenge. Starts this week!

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